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You Tell Us: Favourite Summer Activities

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Rooke Driver

My favourite thing to do is to stretch out at Jericho Tennis Club and look at that amazing view. I grew up in Zanzibar, which is a very beautiful place, and this is like the equivalent. When I saw Vancouver for the first time after living in England for 12 years, it took away my homesickness.

Edward Wong

Every Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I drive to Ambleside for a jog on the sea wall. In the spring, with everything coming alive, it’s just fantastic. Then after that we go to Whole Foods for their samples. Then we head over the bridge and if there’s a lineup we don’t even care. We end up at Provence in Yaletown and have breakfast. A bit of driving, a bit of running, and a bit of eating.

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Kid Carson

When I have people visiting from out of town, my favourite thing to do is drive down Beach Avenue. I’m like, ‘You want to see the palm trees in Canada? They’re here!’”

Patty Ruegamer

My favourite thing to do in the summer is a mini family road trip to Locarno Beach. We pack everyone up, the umbrella, shovels, cooler, barbeque, hot dogs, and off we toodle. We plant the umbrella, dig big holes, and just stay there all day at the beach.

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Kyle Balagno

I go kayaking from Dundarave to Whytecliff. It’s nice and peaceful and quiet. It’s just you and the ocean. I’ve run into killer whales and seals and fish are flipping around you. It’s very rhythmic, getting into a cadence with the kayak and the paddling. It’s relaxing and calming and you’re getting a good workout at the same time.

Dr. Paul Devlin

I love going out for dinner. Basically I love anything cooked by Rob Feenie, Pino Posteraro, Ken Bogas or David Hawksworth. I go to Le Crocodile with my kids, Chloe, Laura and Justin. On Thursday nights I go to Glowbal with Brian Jessel. The best summer patio is at Lift, with the beautiful Kathleen.

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