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New Kid On The Block

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Story by Leslie Grover

I am the new kid on the block at Brian Jessel BMW, and what an exciting experience it has been for me to join the team. Although I grew up as a “car business kid”, arriving at this dealership still feels fresh and new to me, albeit wonderfully familiar. Back in the 1970s, my father Mike Carmichael, owned and operated the Royal Pontiac Buick dealership on the North Shore.

His was not just a car dealership, it was part of the community. It was a place to visit on Sundays to enjoy a coffee, chat with the staff, meet up with friends, and kick tires. Eventually the lease on our property expired. Around this time, car business culture was changing. With the introduction of faster computers and email, the personal touch

of doing business face to face while putting the customer first, appeared to be slipping away. The reality of starting up our “old school” way of doing business in the new age of technology seemed impossible.

We decided to continue on, choosing to operate an intimate leasing company which allowed us time to cater to our client’s automotive needs without compromising quality of service. As my Dad edged closer to retirement, Managing Director of Brian Jessel BMW Jim Murray, approached me about joining forces. Suddenlythe skies opened up.

Jim’s offer presented an opportunityto work with a dealership that embodied all ofthe old-school qualities around customer care I cherished, but combined this with the latest technologies that allow for maximum value in both the product and the service experience. As a leasing company, our perspective was always from the customer’s side of a Brian Jessel BMW sale as we shopped around forthe best pricing and service forourclientele.

I could saywith certainty- having done business with a number of Lower Mainland dealerships overthe past 23 years – the care shown by Brian Jessel BMW to our customers was exemplary. As the new Corporate Fleet Manager/Diplomat Sales Specialist, I now get to see first-hand that we are indeed a retailer who prides itself on relationships.

When customers walk into the dealership, the experience is unparalleled. Unmatched, is the attention to detail around ensuring thatthe customer is always heard. From the initial sale of a car, to after-sale care, to a customer’s nextpurchase, ourstafflistens. We are fortunate to have an incredibly diverse clientele at Brian Jessel BMW, and what remains consistent, is that customer care is a top priority.

All who walk through our doors, whether they are a student, professional athlete, teacher or business leader, receive the same professional attention. The product we offer is exciting. A customer picking up his or her new vehicle enjoys a seamless experience provided by a team of specialists.

When the customer drives that new BMW home, the service does not end there. When a car requires servicing, we strive to provide the most convenient customer care program through:

  • A pick-up and delivery service on the day of your appointment the customer need not come into the dealership at all.
  • Valet service – relax and ride in comfort to your home or office after dropping off your BMW at the service department. Enjoy the same luxury when your servicing is done, and the vehicle is ready to go.
  • BMW Assist if you have questions or require guidance, this cellular based automotive roadside assistance service is there to help. BMW Assist uses the local cellular network and Global Positioning telemetryto locate or guide the vehicle. BMW Assist can provide turn-by-turn directions, remote unlocking, vehicle diagnostics, airbag deployment notification, and theft recovery, plus towing or flattire repair. The service is included free in most new BMWs

You can be assured that this level of attention and service is on offer whether you purchase a new BMW off the showroom floor, or order your car through the Corporate Fleet Program.

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The Corporate Fleet Advantage

Why a BMW Fleet Makes Sense Right Now With many exciting incentives, our goal at Brian Jessel BMW through the Corporate Fleet Department is to make the end user – the driver – aware of all the programs BMW offers in order to provide the greatest value. Whether you use an external source to purchase your vehicle, or choose to handle the process yourself, we want you to know what is available in both pricing and service.

Corporate Fleet Levels There are responsibilities and time constraints associated with any profession, and the staff of Brian Jessel BMW recognizes this fact. Whether you are an employee of a small business, or an executive within a large corporation, Brian Jessel BMW wants you to know that we are here to create an enjoyable experience, guide you through the finance process, and develop a relationship with you.

If you have already purchased a BMW from us (or are planning to), our goal is to structure a deal that is tailored specifically to you or your company. Level One Level One Fleet assists customers who have five or more vehicles registered to a company. Many ofthese companies enlistthe service of an external vehicle management or independent leasing company.

There are substantial cash rebates which assist in reducing acquisition costs. Level Two Level Two Fleet is for the employee or executive who receives a car allowance. Whether paid monthly or annually, there is a rebate forwarded to the BMW customer whether they chose to pay cash, finance or lease their new vehicle. Why a BMW Fleet Makes Sense Right Now The BMW Efficient Dynamics concept is shaping the future of driving by reducing fuel consumption and emission levels without affecting driving pleasure.

In the latest BMW vehicles, the future has arrived. World-wide, executive orders mandate many aspects of company activity in meeting Energy Efficient Guiding Principles. Driving a new BMW foryour company business supports that mandate through BMW Efficient Dynamics. Fleet Service When it comes to our Fleet Program, pricing and acquisition is only the beginning. We strive to make servicing a vehicle as simple as possible, from the 4 year 80,000 kms no-charge scheduled maintenance, to the Valet who picks up and delivers the BMW when a service is required.

In theory, afterthe sale, you should not need to walk back into the showroom unless you want to. And if you do join us, we will be pleased to welcome you at The M Café – a comfortable spot to sit and have a coffee or light meal, if you choose to bring your car into the dealership yourself.

Brian Jessel BWM Welcomes the Diplo-matic Sales Program

Internationally, BMW has developed a program that recognizes the people who work on behalf of Canada both locally as well as those working in other Embassies in Canada. Through this program, BMW Canada is expressing their gratitude by offering substantial rebates to qualified individuals such as diplomats and members of

international or military organizations. BrianJessel BMW has been chosen as the Special Sales and Competency Center to administer this program throughout Western Canada. This is a very exciting program for us! Qualifying individuals within Diplomatic Services or the Canadian Military may enjoy the privileges of BMW Diplomatic Sales at Brian Jessel BMW, and benefit from the many advantages such as:

  • Special pricing as a diplomat
  • Personal customer care from our dedicated BMW Diplomat Sales Specialist
  • A large inventory of BMW vehicles tailored to meet individual requirements
  • Simple and efficient ordering and delivery process, with worldwide shipping
  • Worldwide international warranty and service by the Global BMW Network
  • Access to a program that fully recognizes your status and understands your unique requirements
  • Flexible lease & finance options

The benefits of BMW Diplomatic Sales are available exclusively for diplomats and employees of international organizations. To confirm your status as a diplomat, we require one of the following:

  • Diplomatic passport from the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
  • Official passport issued by the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
  • Laisser-passer / official passport from the UN or associated organizations
  • Ministerial passport
  • NATO ID CARD or service passpor

The following institutions are entitled to participate in the BMW Diplomatic Sales program:


  • Main organization within its departments and offices
  • Specialist agencies and institutions, e.g. ILO, UNESCO, ITU
  • World Bank Group (IBRD) and IMF EU:
  • European Commission, European Parliament, European Court
  • Their executive bodies and institutions, e.g. ECB, ESC, EPO
  • Their agencies, e.g. EMEA, Europol

Internationally coordinated organizations
• NATO • OECD • ESA • WEU • Council of Europe
Other international organizations
• CERN • Interpol • OSCE • GTZ (German Association forTechnical Cooperation)

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Wherever You Are, Optimum Service Is There.

As a diplomat, you constantly face new challenges, so it is important your BMW does not become one of them. BMW Canada offers a no-charge scheduled maintenance for four years or 80,000 kms at a worldwide network of more than 4,000 retailers. Matched to our unparalleled level of service, we can assure that you do not have to worry when it comes to your BMW.

Exclusive Pricing

As a unique customer, you will receive a favourable diplomatic price on all models, and the option of a financing plan exclusive to BMW.

   The price of the vehicle will be determined in Euros, American or Canadian dollars. Financing through BMW Financial Services are intelligent and flexible. A smart vehicle purchase should be supported with a smart purchase plan. Here, you’ll find more lease and financing options and terms than you could have imagined. We will make it as easy as possible foryou to drive the BMW you want now, and to be able to upgrade to another BMW in the future.

Customized Finance and Terms to SuitYour Needs

Standard Financing

Our Standard Financing option is straight-forward, simple, and perfectly suited to the diplomatic buyer. Competitive interest rates and contract terms are combined with a wide range of down-payment options.

Owner’s Choice

Why not have the satisfaction of owning, combined with the flexibility of a lease-type payment schedule? With Owners Choice you make equal monthly payments over the length of your term, and a payment for the remaining amount (called a balloon) at the end. During the contract, your equal monthly payments are much lower, allowing you to purchase more BMW for less money per month. The length of contract is flexible – as is the balloon amount – which you may pay off at anytime without penalty. Much like a lease, you keep your BMW atthe end ofthe contract by paying off or refinancing the balance, if you haven’t done so already.


Enjoy a variety of leasing options in combination with BMW’s competitive interest rates. A lease may run forthe duration ofyour posting, upon which the vehicle may be returned or purchased.

Order Your New BMW

With Brian Jessel BMW being the Official Western Canadian BMW Diplomatic Sales Centre, we continue to demonstrate our strong commitment to personal service and advice. The full range of BMW vehicles are available, and may be fully customized with the very latest design and technology options. We offer the following choices if you want to place an order: • You can contact me, Leslie Grover at 604.222.7788 • You can order by visiting our showroom at Brian Jessel BMW Vancouver When you place an order, you will be asked to provide confirmation of your status as a diplomator member of an international ormilitary organization. We will require an authenticated copy of your diplomatic or official passport in orderto be able to grantthe BMW diplomat price, and details of your delivery destination. National specifications relating to design and engineering vary, and we therefore shall require details of the temporary country of residence and final destination, as delivery is made possible to anywhere in the world.

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