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Story by y Kristy Ryan

3 Series Sedan 2006-2007 (E90) Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

Enhance the sporty feel of your 3 Series Sedan by adding a carbon fiber spoiler. Also comes in body color.


3 Series Coupe 2006-2007 (E92) Stainless Steel Pedal Covers

Sporty look and extra safety, because of the non-slip grip, makes this a stylish addition to your 3 Series Coupe.


3 Series Touring 2006-2007 (E91) Roofbox 350

Convenient and easy loading from both sides. This roofbox also has an anti-theft triple central locking system on both sides for safety and security. Capacity approx. 350L


5 Series Sedan 2006-2007 (E60) Bicycle lift

Effortlessly lifts and retracts a bicycle on and off the roof rack. Suitable for different bicycle sizes.


6 Series Coupe 2006-2007 (E63) Remote Control Mirror with Compass

This universal remote control activates such devices as garage door openers, alarms, or
door locking systems by the touch of a button. Also has a compass which indicates the direction in a 45 degree scale.


Bicycle lift Series Sedan 2006-2007 (E65/E66) Rear Cooler Box

This unitis integrated behind the rear armrest and easily holds 2 large bottles and anysnacks you mayneed to keep cold. Greatfor long road trips.


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Dog Safety Harness

This safety feature is suitable for securing dogs on the rear bench. This enhances both passenger and dog safety. Available in 3 sizes. Starting from $251.50

IPOD Adapter Interface

This kit also you to listen to your IPOD through the vehicles sound system. The cable runs into the glove box and allows the IPOD to charge while the vehicle is running. This kit allows you to use the steering wheel controls so you can keep your eyes on the road. Starting from $198.50

BMWPortable DVD System

Portable DVD system with 10.2” TFT screen. Docking station is mounted securely into the headliner. Audio playback inside the car using infra-red wireless headphones or by the cars speakers (with an optional AUX IN cable). Audio outside of the car uses integral speakers or hi-fi system. AV IN/OUT is needed if external devices are used.

Starting from $3042.50

Advanced Battery Charging System

This Advanced Trickle Charger uses an onboard microchip to monitor and regulate the charge so that your battery is at the proper storing voltage. Adapter plugs into the electronic socket.


Cool Bag

CFC-free electric cooler that cools contents to approx. 20degrees Celsius below the temperature inside the car. Capacity 12L


Auxiliary Input Cable

This kit provides a direct audio input to the radio that allows you to plug in an MP3 player, Portable CD player, Laptop or any other device that has an audio output.


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X3 (E83) Aerodynamic Kit in Body Color

Front and rear aprons, side skirts and flared wheel arches accentuate the powerful and sporty appearance of the BMW X3.

From $3633.47

Z4 Coupe and Roadster (E85/E86) Hard Sided Luggage Case

This light-weight case is specially designed for the Z4 luggage rack. The multifunction handle locks and secures to the car in seconds and protects againsttheft.


X5 (E70) 21”Double Spoke 215 in Ferric Grey

Make yourX5 adventurous and classy with these new wheels from BMW. Original BMW alloy wheels provide optimum ride safety and comfort.

From $1110.50 per rim

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