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iPods and Bluetooth join the BMW Lifestyle


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Story by Stephen Fung

Put on your sunglasses, grab your favourite driving shoes, and head out to the open road. Turn the key, shift gears and you and your machine become one. The pavement disappears beneath you while the world becomes a blur in your rearview mirror. This seamless integration between you and your BMW culminates in the “Ultimate Driving Experience.” Not all integrations are as seamless as the one between you and your BMW. For example, cell phones still clutter many dashboards, and MP3 players still dangle like a flailing mountain climber in others. So what has BMW done to bring total integration to your favourite technologies? Let’s have a look…

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iPod Lifestyle Meets BMW Lifestyle

One of the most influential pieces of digital lifestyle technology of all time is the MP3 player, and Apple’s iPod in particular. Many of you take your iPod running, to the gym, to school, even to work. So it’s natural that you would want to make it part of your BMW lifestyle. The question is how do you do you bring your iPod and those thousands of tunes with you without cluttering up the interior with adapters and wires?

BMW recently announced the availability of an iPod interface that seamlessly integrates your iPod lifestyle with your BMW lifestyle. Available for vehicles 2002 or newer, this new interface puts your iPod controls literally at your fingertips. In fact, they are built right into your steering wheel so you aren’t fumbling around for your favourite tune when your eyes should be on the road. Next time you’re in for service ask about the iPod interface and how you can put some iPod lifestyle into your BMW lifestyle.

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Your BMW Speaks Your Phone’s Language

In 2002 BMW became the first automaker to integrate wireless Bluetooth technology, a wireless language that enables devices to speak to one another, into its vehicles. The BMW Universal Bluetooth Hands-Free System will mute your iPod or audio system, reroute the caller’s voice through the speakers and allow you to speak to them through the microphone integrated into the headliner. This is all accomplished with a touch of a button on your steering wheel. In addition, the BMW

Universal Bluetooth Hands-Free System also allows voice-activated dialling, phonebook integration and call display via the instrument display. If you have to run, the system will hand off the call to your phone as you rush to meet with a busy client. BMW recently announced full integration with the RIM Blackberry 8700 series, via Bluetooth Technology, allowing road warriors to download and access their contacts while on the road. The Blackberry doesn’t even have to leave the briefcase. Come experience it first-hand at Brian Jessel BMW.

The Ultimate “Parking” Experience?

One of the things that I love least about driving is parallel parking the car. Sure, I can do it, but wouldn’t it be great if this tedious task was done for you? BMW is working on the answer to your wishes. BMW’s new auto-parking technology allows you to park like a pro every time, on even the narrowest and most congested streets. Once engaged, the vehicle creeps along scanning for a space that is large enough to safely accommodate the vehicle. Once the spot is selected, it prompts you to allow it to park, and away it goes. The technology is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle so there are no unsightly appendages hanging off your vehicle. Though not available yet in Canada, the technology has been tested successfully in Europe, and if all goes well, your next BMW will be the best parallel-parker in the household. This technology and the others that we’ve talked about are just a few of the ways that BMW has integrated the BMW lifestyle into your lifestyle.

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