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Why BMW rules the road

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Story by Jim Krahn

Whenever I get together with friends, family, acquaintances or even just meet someone for the first time, the subject of automobiles almost invariably comes up. This likely has to do with the fact that nearly everyone I meet knows I am deeply passionate about the product with which I’ve worked closely for nearly half my life: BMW vehicles.

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Automobiles—and in particular, luxury and exotic automobiles—stir a passion in nearly everyone, regardless of gender; and BMW vehicles certainly fall into that passion-provoking category. BMW is one of the world’s best-known and loved automotive brands. It has enjoyed spectacular growth as a result of the company’s near-limitless investment in the research and development of the ultimate driving experience. BMW has been in the top ten list in every category of nearly every automotive magazine forthe pastten consecutive years, and the awe in which the product is held by drivers and critics alike approaches fan-like adulation.

The aggressive look and feel of every BMW is a hallmark of the brand and is sought after by all who enjoy driving. Most luxury vehicle manufacturers have set their sights on attempting to duplicate or even surpass BMW’s ultimate driving experience, yet BMW continues to set the benchmark every time it introduces a new generation of automobiles. BMW’s brand is evidentin each vehicle’s signature “kidney” grille, 50/50 weight distribution, cutting edge drive train technology, and instantly recognizable and desirable elegant yet sporty exterior. In order to continue this history of accolades and achievement, BMW will continue to lead the industry by developing new, ultimate-drive technologies and producing new, ultimate-drive automobiles. But as much as good looks, elegant feel, ultimate drive ability and even smell play a huge role in shaping the desirability of the BMW brand, there are several tangible and some not-sotangible influences that make people want to own a BMW vehicle above all others. Aftertheir most immediate desires have been fulfilled and their new dream BMW is sitting in their driveway, a new BMW owner will often wonder about the next step—how will they and their new vehicle be cared for, now and over time? This is where the BMW dealer comes into play, more specifically, Brian Jessel BMW.

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Our Ultimate Customer and service experience is a tangible and significant part of every BMW purchased with us. Because although each BMW vehicle will live up to its lofty billing and exceed client expectations for performance, the quality of after-purchase service can either taint or enhance a customer’s experience of the BMW brand. And at Brian Jessel BMW our mandate is to enhance, always and without exception. Brian Jessel BMW’s brand of service enhances the traditional sense experiences that come with the purchase of a BMW vehicle.

Our central location is comfortably convenient with-second-to-none facilities that include a restaurant, one of the largest and most beautifully-designed showrooms in the business, the largest inventory ofvehicles to test drive and unrestricted resources for our service department to assist you. Just as each BMW vehicle is a feastfor all senses, so our branded service experience at Brian Jessel BMW will soothe and stimulate your senses of touch, taste, smell and sight. Successful brands tend to be built around successful products. At Brian Jessel BMW we have been building our unique brand of client service for over 20 years, and we will continue to build

our brand by continually innovating, continually offering the highest level of customer service in the automobile industry. Just as the BMW brand of automobile will never cease in its pursuit of the Ultimate Driving Experience, so Brian Jessel BMW will never stop in our pursuit of the Ultimate Service Experience.

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