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Story by JOE LEARY

If ever there was a time for solid, trustworthy financial advice, it’s now. After a year ravaged by the global pandemic, businesses and individuals are working to rebuild, and relying on the trusted counsel of their financial advisors to guide the way out of the economic chaos that has ensued.

Fortunately, the great minds behind ZLC Financial have spent 75 years establishing their trust and authority in all matters financial. “Integrity and reputation are what defines and comes naturally to us,” says Garry Zlotnik, chairman and CEO. “We strive for service excellence, and our culture of integrity and professionalism is baked into our DNA.” Recognized as a leader within the industry, ZLC Financial has adapted to an ever changing economy and marketplace; weathering decades of storms. “With each challenge over time the resolve and grit of the firm has developed even stronger, and obstacles have proven to be growth opportunities,” says Zlotnik. “COVID-19 would be one such example a challenge for sure, but it has accelerated our ability to be even more efficient and proactive in a new environment.” Always on the pulse of industry dynamics, ZLC has cultivated the ability to consider how the macro-economy impacts and influences its clients. “We are certainly not short term or reactionary advisors,” Zlotnik says, adding that their advice is uniquely matched to each client’s specific needs.

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“Integrity and reputation are what defines and comes naturally to us.” 

Garry Zlotnik, Chairman and CEO Always a pleasure working with such a consummate gentleman.

“We believe in a diversified and tailored approach so we are never faced with knee jerk challenges in reaction to market conditions,” he says. “Our method is to be prepared for various climates and scenarios with a proactive plan and flexible yet structured approach to adjusting and enhancing our clients’ portfolios to meet their objectives long term.”

above: Garry Zlotnik charming the crowd at a ZLC holiday party, with his wife Cyndi, standing by.

opposite: What makes ZLC truly unique is how they tailor solutions specifically to meet their clients needs and priorities.


Teachable moments can shape one’s life, and learning from his father Harold was the best tutelage Zlotnik could have asked for. “My father was the ultimate salesperson and a great communicator,” he says. “We are in the people business and relationships are everything. I joined ZLC Financial 40 years ago with the vision of building a business offering a diverse product line; tailoring to service the needs of business owners. Every client is unique and it is our responsibility to understand their needs and make recommendations that are customized to specific and personal criteria.”


When asked what he tells those entering the market with little or no knowledge of financial planning, Zlotnik offers a simple response: “trust first,” he states emphatically. “Let your market know you care about them and their specific needs. Be there for them. Be the trusted relationship. Without trust there is no connection there is nothing.” And despite the ravages of the global pandemic, Zlotnik is encouraged by what lies ahead as the virus comes closer to being contained.

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“ Be the trusted relationship. Without trust there is no connection — there is nothing.”

“I see huge opportunities to invest,” he says. “Companies have reduced expenses during COVID-19 and are now starting to get back to normal.” And as the world starts to re-open, Zlotnik emphasized the need for good corporate citizenship. “A core value of ours is donating both time and money to charitable organizations.”

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