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Prosperity: Feng Shui

Enhancing life energy using ancient principles

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Story by Michael Ho

Feng Shui, which literally means “wind-water,” refers to the ancient Chinese system of placing and arranging spaces in order to achieve harmony and enhance the flow of life energy (Qi).

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First outlined in Han Dynastytreatises on mathematics and cosmology dating back to 200 BCE, Feng Shui had a profound influence on Chinese thought and continues to be practiced in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. Feng Shui has long been practiced by people of all creeds and classes, and as its popularity has grown its principles have been adopted by many people throughoutthe world. Ancient Chinese philosophy, which still influences the beliefs of many people today, is deeply rooted in the complex system of Chinese astrology, which itself uses astronomy as a means of creating and explaining connections between human beings and the universe.

In this system, every person is born with three kinds of luck: life luck, which one is born with and can do very little to change; the luck related to one’s Chinese astrological chart (which includes our Animal Sign, Natural Element and several other factors); and luck generated through the practice of Feng Shui. Ofthe three, Feng Shui is the easiesttype of luck for an individual to control or influence. Because of this and the accessibility, practicality and logic of its principles, Feng Shui remains the most commonly practiced aspect of Chinese philosophy today. In Feng Shui, one’s home is analgous to one’s body.

Whereas the latter needs to breathe, be fed, digest food and dispose of waste in order to be a healthy organism, in the former the flow of Qi needs to move freely throughout the space without blockages, deficiencies or excesses. Qi should neither be too direct and forceful or weak and still; neithertoo Yin (the female principle) nor too Yang (the male principle). Additionally, the five elements of Metal, Wood, Fire, Water and Earth should always be in balance. Applying the principles of Feng Shui to one’s home environment not only creates a more spiritual and healthier living environment, the smooth flow of Qi enhances the energies of life and luck of all who live there. People whose homes in which the flow of energy is balanced usually find it much easierto live healthy, loving and constructive lives.

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To analyze one’s home according to Feng Shui, simply look at the plan of your home and overlay it with a grid (called a Pa Ku or Bagua) of nine equal squares, with the bottom (north) of the Bagua in the centre ofthe side ofthe home plan that contains the front door. Each area of the Bagua corresponds to one of the Eight Directions and its single Centre, which each representing a different area of life.

The Centre is known as the most spiritual place, “where the Divine Energies of Heaven and Earth meet.” The East corresponds with family and health. Southeast equals wealth and finance. South corresponds with public acknowledgement, reputation and feedback from others. Southwest is about one’s love relationship. West covers childres, one’s inner child and creativity. Northwest equals helpful friends, mentors and angels. North corresponds to one’s career.

To create and enhance the flow of Qi in your home and life, begin by using your intuition does the home feel good? Or does it make you feel disorganized, confused, oppressed or lethargic? If so, consider changing your lighting and replacing any burned-out bulbs; a space can go from feeling small and cramped to warm and cozy depending on how a room is lit. Fix any broken doors or windows, leaking pipes or faulty electricity. Pay particular attention to the entrance to your home this is considered the Mouth of Qi, where energy enters your home keep it well lit, welcoming and clutter-free.

At your office, one can enhance the flow of Qi by reorienting one’s desk. The best orientation is to have one’s back to the wall and an open vista in front. This theory is easy to understand physically, as having a wall behind one’s back lends one support, empowerment and a sense of control.

Moreover, our bodies naturally reach out for creative ideas and connections to the outside when we face toward an open view. Good lighting is also important here. Colour also plays an important part in Feng Shui. Just as people respond differently to the sight of bright red roses, a garden full of green foliage or a single white lily, so Feng Shui uses the natural characteristics of colour to enhance well-being. For example, black represents the energy of still water that develops inner wisdom; dark blue represents career and finance. Decorative elements of black and blue, or a black and blue painting of running water flowing toward the viewer will have a good effect on one’s career and money prospects. Blues and blacks also enhance movement and social interaction in one’s career.

Green, on the other hand, represents wood energy and influences growth and healing. Purple represents abundance and the expression of thoughts. White, silver and grey are the Feng Shui colours that represent left-brain thinking and focus that is why these colours are often used in offices where concentration is required. Yellow, which represents sunbeams, warmth, motion, cheerfulness and friendliness, is an auspicioius colour, as is red. Orange strengthens wealth; red and pink are attractive, improve social ability and strengthen love relationships.

Earth colours represent grounding and support; they produce protection security, stability and a sense of safety. They encourage calm, peace and promote balance and health. Earth colours tend to be muted, not clear or bright like brown. To create a balance of energy in your surroundings that’s neither too abundant or too deficient, combine opposite colours, like grey and purple. Applying the art and practice of Feng Shui in one’s life is easy and pleasurable;

I truly believe that if you apply some of the fundamental rules of Feng Shui you’ll experience positive results. But don’t justtake my word for it, learn more and try it yourself! May Love and Light always be with you. 

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