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Story by y Joe Leary

Resource Furniture Vancouver boasts an extensive collection that perfectly fits the bill, offering contemporary items in multiple categories of home furnishings, offering stylish and multi-functional designs, ideal for limited spaces.

With a vast array of everything from Italian wall beds, sofas and sectionals to extendable dining tables and multiple shelving options, the Hastings Street showroom offers everything one needs to maximize square footage while maintaining an image of style and sophistication.

Practicality, functionality and style are key components when furnishing any living space. “It’s space-saving and transformational furniture ideal for limited spaces,” says Resource Furniture Vancouver owner David Hooper, “but that being said it’s not just for small spaces.” Vancouver is one of three Resource Furniture stores in Canada and joins US locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Washington and Seattle.

Hooper opened the Vancouver store in 2011. While a love for design prompted his early inspiration, the furniture venture moved to the forefront out of necessity for the former actor and stuntman. “Around 2010 the Canadian dollar hit par and really decimated the film industry,” he says.

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“I saw a video of this type of furniture that was transformable and space-maximizing, and I thought that somebody has to bring this to Vancouver.”

“I got a role in the Jackie Chan movie, ‘Rumble in the Bronx.’” “At that point I saw a video of this type of furniture that was transformable and space-maximizing, and I thought that somebody has to bring this to Vancouver.” David Hooper’s film career path is an interesting one to be sure.

“I got a role in the Jackie Chan movie, ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ which got me into stunt work, having been a trained gymnast. At that point, I met a bunch of stunt people and realized my background lent itself to stunts. Before that film was over, I got a few other dedicated jobs.”

While emerging relatively unscathed from his numerous stunts, Hooper sustained serious damage as a result of a 2001 car accident in which he was rear-ended by a tow truck carrying another vehicle. That resulted in a surgically reconstructed neck.

“I used to say I feel more safe on set than I feel driving to set.” Eventually the accident would further lead to lingering complications involving atrophying muscles in his arm. This prompted numerous medical exams and opinions, including an eventual MRI to determine the extent of these additional symptoms.

“In the accident I suffered a fair amount of soft tissue damage and took some time to recover.” And that’s where actor Charlie Sheen enters the story, a man he credits for saving his life. “I was working on ‘Scary Movie 3’ and had to crash a truck the length of about six feet into the front of a tractor,” recalls Hooper, “Everything was set up; I’m in the car waiting to do the stunt and Charlie Sheen is there smoking a cigarette.

He says, ‘Hey, did anyone check the airbag in that car?’ When we do stunts, we turn the airbags off or just remove them altogether.’” Sure enough, Sheen’s inquiry proved fortuitous. Hooper was removed from the vehicle with airbag intact, meaning had he performed the stunt, his fate would have been sealed.

“Days later I received a call from my doctors with the test results, and they diagnosed a compressed spinal cord. They said if I had moved really quickly or received a punch in the head, I was likely going to become a quadriplegic.” While prospering in the world of home furnishings these days, Hooper teaches gymnastics but acting is still in the picture.

He is currently working on a locally shot series, “The Spider wick Chronicles.” And the stunt work continues. To witness it in person, ask for ‘Transformable Dave’ on a visit to Resource Furniture at 124 West Hastings Street.

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