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Athena Molina is the ultimate success

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Story by Joe Leary

As the driving force behind 5DNetworks, she entered into a competitive field with a strong, long-term vision. Launching with just three employees in 2020, 5D grew successfully in the first year alone

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Armed with her charismatic and energetic magnetism, Athena is someone people have been naturally drawn to. She has utilized this natural gift in keeping customers happy and their voices heard.

People look at me and assume I have it all but my journey hasn’t been easy, she says, while offering her strategy for perseverance.

Hard work, growth, spiritual cleanse and motivation. I implemented my spirituality guidance into my business because the energetic forces between my business partner and me are powerful.

At the age of 33, Athena’s life changed spiritually and physically.

During the pandemic, I started a boutique internet service provider with my business partner and named it 5D Networks, 5D as in the 5th Dimension; a high level of consciousness. In today’s world, reliable high-speed internet access has become essential to our way of life. Residents and commercial properties rely on internet access as it is a massive repository of data and consumers want to access the information.

After incorporating three years ago, 5D Networks launched in a big way. “We were given the opportunity to take on a one-of-a-kind project in the largest RV Park in Western Canada; to deliver 10 GB to the home, along with television and telephones,” she says. “This is the largest project we have completed to date.

The key to a company’s success is building a strong team, and Molina has gathered experts in all areas of the telecom business to support 5D’s goals. Self-disciplined and hard working, Athena has an extensive background working in sales, project management, financial planning, customer relations, marketing, and social media marketing. In the early days, the small 5D group designed, delivered, and installed every IT component in a hotel still under construction.

This included everything from wiring, security, telecom, network—even the door locks. Molina has acquired extensive experience in hands-on network design, implementation and management and doesn’t hesitate to get involved in the grittiness of major equipment installation and deployment.

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In addition to all the requisite attributes one must possess to accomplish such goals, Athena Molina is a multi-published tattoo model and influencer with a large presence and high-level engagement on Instagram. Relentless in her pursuits, she remains focused and driven and unabashedly unafraid to reward herself with the fruits of her labour.

I custom ordered my dream car, a 2022 M8 Competition Cabriolet, from Brian Jessel. It’s ranked Number 2 in the fastest ‘M’ models made and I waited seven months for it to arrive. It was the only one in all of Canada.

A great example of focus and determination, Athena attributes her accomplishments in 5D Networks to a combination of hard work and dedication.

I’ve had a lot of people try breaking me down while rising,” she adds. I sat with myself and cut out noise and low energy in order to be successful, trusting my own compass to get to the top. And I’m continuing to rise.

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