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Each year we receive the pleasure of waking up to the blossoming scents, picturesque sun rises, and warm temperatures that remind us why we endure and love coastal living. Instantly, we feel better about ourselves and are compelled to reciprocate the positive energy with our personal rebirth. Dubbed ‘spring cleaning’, we embrace the infectious metamorphosis and begin the proverbial overhaul of things around us, so we can feel better about ourselves. It works. Like taking a drive in the car you have spent the entire morning cleaning, the sense of pride and satisfaction is very fulfilling. There are countless examples of this and the only inherent problem with this type of gratification is that it is short-lived. We must ask ourselves why we wait for spring and why we look to external stimulus to create our harmony? After all, the need for balance in one’s life should not be contingent on a season. Balance can be interpreted differently by many people, and for simplicity sake, we will define it as the feeling of homeostasis below chaos and above letharg

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The need for balance is more than a Zen notion; it is a physiological necessity. Imbalance is the catalyst for diseases ranging from hypertension, to diabetes, to various forms of cancers. The human body was created with regulation in mind and will react accordingly [and most likely adversely] when abused. For example excessive drinking leads to liver malfunction. The human mind & spirit [if you will], functions much the same in that it requires stimulation, and rest and rejuvenation on a scheduled basis. Failure to allocate the necessary time to this cycle can lead to headaches, depression, and in extreme cases, aneurisms. The good news is that knowledge is power and now that we understand these facts, we can shift our focus to what we do with what we know. Let’s start by using the spring theme to re-energize our mind and body and focus towards attaining a balanced lifestyle. The easiest program to incorporate into your daily routine is one that starts with the body and utilizes our natural surroundings. Whether it’s walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking, or running for recreation or competition, Vancouver is one of the most developed recreation capitals in North America. Source the destination you have ‘always wanted to try’ or have been postponing because of ‘no time’, create the plan to prepare and participate in the event, recruit a friend or family to participate with you and turn the process into an experience. Similar to the example used earlier, the feelings of accomplishment associated

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with the perspectives gained through your personal journey will supercede the ‘instant gratification’ of the finish line. If physical activity is not your cup of tea. No problem. There are equally as many effective methods of exercising your mind that don’t encompass your body first. Starting with the simplest method of scheduling down time to relax. A novel concept in today’s aggressive society is that relaxing restores the ability to see the forest through the trees. Whether its taking time away from your work, your family, and your friends and treating yourself to a bath, massage, or music, better yet enjoying a different cultural event, such as the theatre or a seminar, enabling the mind to rest is crucial to personal rejuvenation. Again, there is no shortage of interesting workouts for the mind in one of the most culturally diverse cities in North America. The great thing about these suggestions are that they can be carried right through our magnificent spring season into the summer, fall, and winter months by incorporating the same philosophy throughout. There is no need for us to be victims of marketing and advertising dollars spent on telling us we must reach that illusive next best thing. Don’t just drive your freshly detailed car. Enjoy it. Don’t just participate in a physical or mental event. Love it. Don’t just exist through your lifetime. Live it. Drive On.

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