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Kari Kylo, Marketing Manager at Brian Jessel BMW, had asked me to write 500 words about my experience with my new 760Li BMW. As you know, I would do anything for you Brian. This is my first BMW and I am not a “car guy”, however, I love the experience of driving a new vehicle. I have to tell you, from the very beginning when Brian told me, “Just take it for the day,” the service and handholding was so comforting. Jim Murray, New Car Sales Manager, answered all of my stupid questions such as, “What about the I-Drive?” This is a scary concept and at first my 21-year-old son was afraid of it. Well, if I can handle it, anybody can. I drive to Seattle every Wednesday for meetings and this car far surpasses my previous automobile selections. I will actually find the time to write 500 words for you and Kari in perhaps October. Do you know how active the real estate market is right now? You must… or you would not be expanding your business. Your business and my business really do benefit from the fundamentals of real job growth…back to what you really need. A testimonial.

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Why did I buy a 760 BMW? First, because I like new cars, and second, Brian it’s you. You’ve made it a very simple experience, and I’ve told you my experiences at other dealerships. I’d walk in and because I dress like a bum, the salesperson wouldn’t even stand up from his desk. So, I took my business else where and this time you made me feel like a valued customer. Must I mention the price? I haven’t got a clue, but my friends and associates tell me that you gave me an unbelievable deal. When it comes to cars everyone loves to tell everybody they paid too much, again what a great experience. Well Brian, as I write this note to you, I realize that perhaps I can take a page from your book and adapt it to my condominium selling practices. How about if you use this note as your 500 word testimonial and frankly, I would appreciate this as much as the car.

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