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The Grand Daddy of BBQ’s

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Story by Andrea Stewart

Sizzle this summer – with the Kalamazoo 900 HS Hybrid Free Standing Grill with Side Burner. This jack of all trades features charcoal, gas and wood all under one roof. Custom built with your choice of grill pattern, your initials and even a champagne bucket – the only thing left to do is to get grilling!

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Follow the trend in rediscovering lesser known and under valued cuts of beef this summer. They’re all great for the grill and won’t disappoint in flavour!

The cut: book steak
Alias: flat iron, top blade chuck
Flavour: super tender

The cut: hanger steak
Alias: flank, skirt steak, butchers tenderloin
Flavour: deliciously intense and juicy
Tip: marinate overnight, serve medium rare and slice across the grain for serving

The cut: flat iron
Flavour: bold and tender (just like filet mignon!)
Tip: remove connective tissue running through middle
before grilling

The cut: pin bone
Alias: flat bone, beef loin sirloin
(similar to a T-bone or porterhouse)
Flavour: rich and tender


All the rage – hailing from Japan, this breed of beef is know for its extreme tenderness due to incredible marbling throughout. This is THE melt in your mouth steak. Buyer beware, you’ll pay for it too!

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This trend of eating small plates of artisan meats and cheeses (similar to tapas-style eating) just keeps growing! Search out these restaurants when travelling – it’s the perfect opportunity to taste local purveyors’ products.

Salt Tasting Room – Vancouver, B.C.

You won’t find an actual kitchen in this restaurant, but what you will find is a wide spread of local and imported cheeses, meats and condiments, plus a fantastic wine list to match. For your next private get-together, check out the new tasting room downstairs – your chance to eat and drink amongst the cheese wheels and hanging meats. Address: 45 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver

Tel 604.633.1912

Dehesa – London, U.K.

Flavours of Spain and Italy meet in this hip Soho joint. Hand-cut Iberico ham (a little taste of heaven), an ever changing selection of imported cheeses and a wine list to soothe even the most exhausted shoppers. Dine at the tall communal tables or take the banquette in the bay window and watch the shoppers stroll by. Address: 54 Goodge St, London

Tel 020 7637 0657

Boqueria – New York, N.Y.

Named after the famous food market in Barcelona, this lively spot is a must on your next trip to New York. I am still dreaming of the bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with almonds and Valdeon cheese. The large offering of retail items is worth a peek on your way out, too. Take home a piece of the goodness. Address: 53 West 19th Street, New York

Tel 212.255.4160

Bier Markt – Toronto, Ontario

While the libation of beer may be top of mind upon entering this establishment, I recommend checking out the nosh. Keeping right on trend, Chef Michael Cipollo features a charcuterie sampling of locally cured organic meats and cheeses, with fresh baguette and condiments such as specialty mustards and beer-soaked apricots – all served on a piece of locally sourced granite! Pair with a pint of St. Pauli Girl just for fun. P.S. Watch for the opening of a second location of the Bier Markt this summer in the King West area. Address: 58 The Esplanade,Toronto

Tel 416. 862.7575

Bar Boulud – New York, N.Y.

When Daniel Boulud and Gilles Verot first met in Paris, they determined they would someday find a way to introduce the charcuterie they both love to the New York restaurant scene. Daniel could see that, even in France, artisinally made charcuterie was quickly giving way to industrial production and that craftsmen with Gilles’ talent and integrity were rare. Together the two chefs recognized in each other a common desire to keep alive that which they love most: foods traditionally made from fine quality ingredients. Soon, they devised a plan for Verot to send his protégé and top chef from his Parisian atelier to Manhattan. Consequently, Sylvain Gasdon, a chef charcutier who has worked under Verot for five years, has relocated here to create his wonderful terrines and pâtés at Bar Boulud. Specialties such as tourte de canard, fromage de tête, seven hour braised lamb terrine, pâté grand–mère and saucisson en brioche will be served from a charcuterie bar with wrap around communal seating. The charcuterie selections will be available at lunch, dinner and also for take away purchase. A broad selection of bistro dishes, seafood, fine cheeses and classic desserts, all with wine pairings in mind, will round out the lunch and dinner menus. Address: 1900 Broadway, New York Tel 212 595 0303

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