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Story by Michael Ho

BMW’s ALPINA B7 is certainly one of BMW’s most amazing, most powerful, and yet luxurious production. This new model is over the top and made to impress. With 35 years of cooperation, ALPINA and BMW will be launching their first production car in 2007. This top of the line car is a combination of the impressive 7-series with ALPINA’s most exotic modifications. In addition to making its grand entrance, this top of the line item is extremely limited and exclusive. Special modifications and individual packages have been invented exclusively

for this model. The ALPINA B7 is made for those with high demands toward performance, handling, looks, and power.

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Engineers have paid special attention in tuning so its power can reach its maximum threshold

The Multi-Award winning 7 series has gained its recognition as one ofthe most popular and demanding luxurious sedan. The 7 series has marked its territory in the BMW as the Flagship 7 series. This four door and five seated sedan is incredible AS-IS, yet it offers overtthe top handling, performance and comfort. Options like the Active driver’s seat with gentle massage action, 16-way powerfrontComfortsport seats with 4-way lumbersupport, fast heating and balance control seats, heated rear seats, and climate controlled front console are all found in this master piece to give every individual the ultimate experience.

Engineers have paid special attention in tuning so its power can reach its maximum threshold. The BMW 7 series provides high-performance and comfort. It’s sleek and stylish look meets the expectations of BMW’s high-demanding customers. In addition to its outstanding appearance, the 7 series provides the most advance and user friendlytechnology, including the I-Drive, start/stop engine button, keyless entry, blue tooth wireless technology, LCD displays and navigation system. Unquestionably, the combination of the best sedan with the best modifications, gives us the BMW ALPINA B7. The ALPINA B7 is not only a luxurious sedan;

it is also a truly new breed sports car by ALPINA. The cooperation of these two great companies has made the BMW 7 series undefeatable. The ALPINA poses the

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biggest threat to its entire Rival, with its uncompetitive handling and outstanding performance. ALPINA has optimized the 7series to its maximum agility by enhancing the torque to increase acceleration, yielding 0-60 mph in an astonishing 4.8 seconds. This enhancement will allow the BMW power reach its potential point. The ALPINA B7 also brings a 4.4L supercharged V-8 engine producing 500hp and 516lb-ft. This 6 speed steptronic is unique for ALPINA B7.With the standard and exclusive/21” ALPINA wheels, it will definitely takeover the spotlight. The ALPINA Blue Metallic paint and ALPINA wood brings a nice

classy touch to the sedan. The 6 speed luxurious Sedan is fully tuned by ALPINA, a company that has worked with BMW for many credible years to maximize BMW’s performance and style. ALPINA offers top of the line treatments and provides one of a kind productions. This top ofthe line production will be taking the attention of by passers with its Aerodynamic body kit, ALPINA front apron, ALPINA rear deck spoiler, 21” ALPINA classic wheels and not to mention the Exposed Dual exhaust. Who won’t be excited?

This is one of BMW’s most exotic inventions. BMW introduces the new color combinations, ALPINA Blue Metallic and ALPINA wood, distinctthe B7 from any other. The driver and passenger will be fascinated by the handling, thanks to the ALPINA sport suspension, aluminum double pivot strut-type front suspension, aluminum front and rear sub frames, active roll stabilization, twin-

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