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Only you’ll know it’s a Pre-Owned

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Story by Cary Lau

Part of taking care of people starts with ensuring that we only offer the best. Our partnership with the BMW Canada Certifed Series program gives us a great advantage over anyone else trying to sell used BMWs. To begin the process, only the nicest vehicles with low mileage and no major accidents are selected. I personally select these vehicles from lease returns and late model trade-ins. Only you’ll know it’s a Pre-Owned. After the best vehicles are selected, they are subject to meticulous inspections and reconditioning processes, performed by our trained technicians. It’s a very thorough procedure but it ensures that your pre-owned BMW performs precisely like a new one. At Brian Jessel BMW we are the national leader in reconditioning, spending an average of $3,400 on the reconditioning of each vehicle. After this meticulous process, I still have to ensure that the vehicles are competitively priced. Some people may believe that they can get a “better deal” by buying privately or from an independent dealer. If you take the time to carefully consider the facts and do the math, it is evident that there is no better deal than a Brian Jessel BMW Certified Series Pre-Owned BMW.

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Here are the pillars of the Certified Series:

  • Exclusivity: Vehicle history search ($59.95)
  • Quality: 360-degree survey and reconditioning performed by BMW certified technicians using BMW parts ($3,400)
  • Safety: comprehensive warranty for 6 years or 160,000 kms ($2,628)
  • Security: roadside assistance for an additional 2 years ($128.10)
  • Value: interest savings on a 60-month term; for example, $30,000. At 1.9% vs. 7.9 % ($4,939.80)
  • Assurance: 3 day/300 km exchange privilege
  • Peace of mind: Brian Jessel’s commitment to customer satisfaction Total value of purchasing a Brian Jessel Certified Series, $9,801.85

Additionally, a Certified Series BMW will likely be worth more when you decide to trade it or sell it as the certification stays with the vehicle for the duration. This is the pride of ownership of driving a vehicle that looks like new and drives like new and also cost less to maintain. Whether you are a new client or a loyal customer of many years, I look forward to offering you the great customer service that has come to be synonymous with Brian Jessel. The pre-owned sales team are here to help you to choose the perfect vehicle.

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