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Story by Joe Leary

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Throughout a young boy’s life, there are any number of cars that he fantasizes about not just driving, but one day perhaps having for his very own. As a kid growing up in Vancouver, I can only ever remember two “rides” that I absolutely fawned over and hoped would one day be mine: a Corvette Stingray and a BMW. The Corvette phase of my life ended years ago, around about the time I left my teens. The BMW dream, however, never died. In fact, as the years went on, I became even more determined than ever to treat myself to the ultimate mark of success. I finally realized my childhood fantasy in 1999, with the purchase of my first Beamer: a 2000 328IS. From the very first moment Valentino Almeida walked me through my purchase, I had only one thought running through my mind, “That’s great Val, but just let me drive this baby out of here – I’ve only waited all my life for this moment.” And within seconds of pulling out of Brian Jessel’s Coquitlam dealership, I knew that I had truly found vehicular heaven. After all, to say a BMW is just a car, is to say a Monet is merely a painting. BMW is the smoothest-running, most well-maintained and appointed vessel of transportation on the road today. Two years later, it was time for a 2003 325CI. Once again, I felt a sense of style and elegance both outside the car and behind the wheel, and I recall only too vividly my feeling of anticipation as I couldn’t wait to pull up at a stoplight alongside a store window, to see my cars reflection for the very first time.

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Last October, I purchased my latest BMW and first ever convertible. Again, what a car! It’s a 2004 330CI Cabriolet. I picked it up on a very warm afternoon from Brian’s spectacular facility on Boundary Road. I actually purchased the car sight unseen with only a small colour sample of the body to go on. Suffice it to say, when I arrived at the dealership and saw my new ride in the presentation centre, waiting for me with the top down, I was like the proverbial kid under the Christmas tree. It became apparent early on that I had not just purchased back-to back BMW’s (the first time I would have two or more consecutive vehicles from the same manufacturer in my life), but rather, I had forged a bond with BMW, and as such, this was now what I drive, and hereinafter, will continue to be my ride. Simply put, BMW has reinvigorated my passion for the open road. It is the “complete” driving experience. Add to that Brian Jessel BMW’s attention to detail and customer service that is part and parcel of every visit, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more satisfied customer than Joe Leary. My thanks to Valentino and Brian and I look forward to a long-lasting relationship. I’d love to say more, but it’s 16 degrees as I write this, and I’ve to pop the top and go for a spin.

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