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Owner’s Choice: The new leasing alternative

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Story by Raj Desor

At some point in their lives, most drivers have either leased a vehicle, known someone who has leased one or have been tempted to lease one themselves. After all, leasing is a very attractive wayto drive the car ofyour dreams without having to make high monthly payments or a lay down a large downpayment.

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At the same time, the idea of leasing can raise concerns for some people. These concerns can include lack of ownership (leasing is technically equivalent to renting); limits on how you can use the vehicle and how far you can drive it; potential liability; and insurance issues. The overall cost of leasing can also be a concern, as leasing interest rates are generally higher than finance rates, and residuals are not as high as they used to be.

And while paying for maintenance on a vehicle you own is a wise investment, the costs of making repairs to a vehicle in orderto meet end of-lease inspection requirements are not always welcome. Still, there are many reasons why leasing is still a good choice for many. For some people, the limitations of leasing are a reasonable tradeoff for low monthly payments; others like driving a brand new vehicle every three to four years and enjoy not having the commitment and responsibility of car ownership.

So what, if any, are the alternatives to leasing? Here at Brian Jessel BMW, the main alternative to leasing is to buy a vehicle using our Standard Financing. Offered by BMW Financial Services, Standard Financing has excellent interest rates and flexible terms. It addresses many of the concerns you might have with leasing, because:

  • You own the vehicle.
  • Your vehicle then becomes and may be treated as a financial asset.
  • When you trade in your vehicle, you will be offered a tax credit.
  • You have the option to alter and customize your vehicle.
  • You have flexible insurance options. In addition, Standard Financing has:

      No upfront fees.

  • No early termination fees.
  • Unlimited mileage.

Of course, with Standard Financing your monthly payments may be higher than with leasing, and you may be required to put down a downpayment or settle for a less high-end vehicle in order to stay within your budget. BMW Financial Services does however have an exciting, exclusive new financing option for drivers who want the advantages of BMW ownership without high monthly payments: Owner’s Choice Financing.

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Owner’s Choice combines all the advantages of leasing with those of Standard Financing. Like a lease, Owner’s Choice Financing is term based—at the end of the term there is a residual, or balloon amount of money that can either be paid out or re-financed. The amount of this residual payment is flexible, which means you are in control ofthe amount you pay monthly, the total cost of financing and the balance owing at the end of the financing term.

However, with Owner’s Choice Financing you own the vehicle. You can choose to trade it in atthe end ofthe term and still enjoy a tax credit benefit, as you would with Standard Financing, oryou can pay outyour loan at any time without extra costs or penalties. You can also refinance your residual amount with BMW Financial Services ifyou decide to keep the vehicle for longer than originally planned. Finally, you can customize the car as you like and drive it as far as you like without the hassle or worry of a lease-end inspection. With its incredible flexibility and many advantages, Owner’s Choice Financing is a choice being made by more and more Brian Jessel BMW customers.

When you’re readyto drive a BMWfrom Brian Jessel, examine the benefits of each financing option we offer, then choose the method that best meets your needs and makes you feel the most comfortable. Unsure of what’s best for you right now? BMW Financial Services offers in-depth guides on Leasing, Financing and Protection Products to help you make the decision that’s right for you. Find them at, or call or visit us today at Brian Jessel BMW for more information. We’re always happy to show you how easy it is to drive a way in a new BMW!

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