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Story by Tim Van Dyke

My pre-owned department can now hold three times the amount of inventory, which ultimately gives our customers more selection.

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I have been in the automotive industry for over 22 years, and for 22 years I have worked for Brian Jessel. Time flies when you’re having fun! It is interesting for me to think back over the years on everything that I have accomplished both personally and professionally. When Brian first met me I was 17 years old and ready to tackle the world. He believed in me and gave me the opportunity to learn all about the automotive industry from the ground up. I did a little of everything; washing cars, pulling weeds, painting walls, fixing furniture, and they even let me drive the odd vehicle to the gas station and back. After four years of paying my dues, Bernie Jessel took me under his wing and introduced me to the world of wholesaling.

Nothing can give you a better education in selling cars then dealing with wholesalers for two straight years. It was the best learning experience I ever received. It was a lesson in diplomacy, negotiation, and fast thinking. Bernie ran with the best of them and I learned from the king. I then entered retail sales for the next seven years before becoming the Pre-owned Sales Manager at Brian Jessel BMW, and I have been here ever since. I have met so many people over the years, and it is fantastic when I receive a call from someone who I haven’t heard from in ten years, and they say they are ready to trade-up and buy their next BMW. I have some customers who I have sold seven, eight, even nine cars too!

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During my years with Brian I have worked in several different dealerships. As we have moved closer to Vancouver our dealerships have grown and become more advanced. However, our new facility is in a league of its own. My pre-owned department can now hold three times the amount of inventory, which ultimately gives our customers more selection. In addition, the dealership as a whole has energy, presence, and a ton of personality. Yes, my new home away from home is a great place to come to everyday.

During the 22 year period in which I have worked for Brian, I also married, had two beautiful children, bought and sold a couple of homes, travelled, and experienced some amazing places. I think back on that 17 year- old kid who is almost the same age as my son now, and I smile as I remember all the hurdles I overcame and all of the laughter, love, friends, and family that I have been lucky to have in my life. It has been a great 22 years Brian, thanks for all the good times in the past, and I look forward to even better times in the future!

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