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The hardest working room in your home may be the kitchen, but the runner up and most easily overlooked is the entryway, where errant shoes, bags and coats get tossed in passing; keys, mail and sundry languish forgotten; and forlorn decor sits unnoticed, as it was during the past year when visitors were verboten.

But now is a perfect time to get your entryway ready to make a stylish impression, as a gradual return to normal has put visiting back on the agenda. Hommés Studio is here for it, with an eclectic collection of furnishings and fresh accoutrements in partnership with ACH Collection, that will elevate your entranceway with style, sophistication and a solid dose of European flair, and solidify its position as the place to be when socializing gets in full swing. From timeless elegance to classic Art Deco, Hommés’ and ACH’s designs combine neutral colours with standout textures and shapes to create magnificent pieces that draw the eye and bring order to the chaos. Together, Hommés and ACH offer a bold and esoteric mix of furnishings and decor that add a heaping splash of “je ne sais quoi” to your front hall, inviting all who enter to stay awhile.

Creating a welcoming entryway requires pieces that are equally functional and beautiful to behold. Overlaying the whole ensemble on a powerful colour completes the room masterfully.

This Babar floor lamp is the embodiment of a sunny summer day and will add a little spring to your step whether you’re coming or going.

Is it art or a portal to another time and place? You’ll easily spend much time reflecting in (and on) this Flakt wall mirror, encircled in gold and elevated with a gilded fan facade.

Strong, soft and supple, the Zeus bench is a plethora of contradictions with its curved legs and armrests and textured seat cushion. Not unlike a Greek god, it’s a wonder to behold, and the perfect perch for robing and disrobing as you come and go.

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Wow your guests with unique pairings of colour and attention grabbing accessories

1 / Art Deco meets Alice in Wonder land in this Elephant Sideboard. In black, white and iridescent purple, it’ll store all and sundry out of eye’s reach as it anchors your entryway with a decidedly jazzy vibe.

2 / A synchronized decorative accompaniment to the Elephant Sideboard, this Schlemmer bowl from ACH Collection is a celebration of Bauhaus style. It is handmade and perfectly positioned for style with a side of substance.

3 / The Lacrimosso figurine will add an emotive appeal to your entryway. Inspired by the famous Crying Boy painting, Lacrimosso believes in happiness and that life is too short for sadness. The Lacrimosso’s gold detail and white stylings emphasize the brighter side of life.

4 / Lay out the red carpet, of sorts, for all who enter your humble hallway. This Combo rug will cushion both guests’ and family members’ feet as they glide inside, offering a uniquely designed pathway of neutral colours and geometric shapes.

Why not include a spot for your precious pets in your entryway. After all, greeting loved ones and guests is something they often love to partake in.

5 / Sheba is a luxurious bed for pets, a comfortable and stylish large dog cushion that will fit your home’s modern decoration and pet lifestyle. Designed with your dog or cat’s comfort in mind, the Sheba comes in two sizes, and is durable enough to retain its shape over time. Your furry friend will love their new bed almost as much as they love you. Add the Cosmic Pet Bowl to your pet’s favourite sleeping spot and bring a touch of futuristic shine and design to their day. Perfect for both food and water, the Sheba will look right at home amidst your carefully curated decor. Perch beside your pet on your own Fifih Bench, a minimalist accompaniment to Fido’s bed, and the perfect spot to sit and say hello again when you return home.

6 / No pets? Grab this gorgeous Galgo Yellow decor piece to turn to anytime you long for a furry friend at your door. This luxury figurine is made and painted by hand, giving each piece a unique and distinctive character. Its combination of bold colours and sensational motifs bring an artistic spin to your entryway, along with a doting friend who is always there to greet you through thick and thin.

7 / Scent-sational. The eye-catching ACHI candle releases a hypnotic perfume that sets the tone from the moment you walk in the door.

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Add wow-factor to your entryway with vibrant colours, bold shapes and ‘objets d’art’ on a global theme.

8 / The Klimt Coffee Table, created using a technique called marquetry is the perfect choice for a nature inspired spot to drop your keys, mail and anything else you bring home. Turn your entryway into a life-sized puzzle with the Crina Rug. Akin to floor-art, this pristine piece combines nude tones and organic shapes, perfect for contemporary interiors.

9 / Every entryway sidetable needs a decorative ceramic like the Irene Jar. This celebration of Bauhaus is always in style.

10 / Larger entryway space to fill? This Camou sideboard offers plenty of storage and display space.

The four doors open up to two large cabinets outfitted with interior shelving, so you can make the best use of your space. Its bright colour and unique shape brings creative inspiration to your entryway. Few things create ambiance more effectively than lighting. From soft to vibrant to downright funky, your lamps say a lot about the personality of your space.

11 / The stunning Nico Table Lamp will light the way from the threshold into your home, and possibly steal the show.

12 / The Dyta Table Lamp is perfect for design lovers with a penchant for marble. Its provocative curves will entrance all who come into its light.

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