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An insider’s view of the people who prepare each BMW for their new owners

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Story by John Cheng

As the Quality Management Autohaus (QMA) Manager at Brian Jessel BMW, I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to learn and analyze the processes and procedures of each and every department at the dealership. With this knowledge comes a deep understanding of how much work and effort our employees put into getting each customer’s vehicle ready, and how much satisfaction every employee feels in making each customer’s experience of their BMW vehicle a superlative one.

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Our Lot Department and Staff really are unsung heroes. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get a BMW readyforit’s happy new owner, here is a glimpse ofwhat happens behind the scenes here atBrian Jessel BMW. From the momentyou setthe pick-up date foryourBMW, ourLotDepartmentis busyatwork. First, Lot ManagerEric Kluth finds out which lotyourvehicle is located in. Ifyour BMW is in our off-site lot, Eric and his crew gatherup manykeys in preparation formoving anycars thatmaybe blocking yours in. Although this may sound easy, moving cars in a lot filled with 150 or more vehicles is a trickyjob, particularlyifyourBMW is tucked into a remote

corner. EveryLotStaffmembertherefore possesses outstanding driving skills, including mastery of manual transmissions, parking and maneuvering in tight spaces. On more than one occasion our Lot Staff have not only moved and parked over 100 vehicles in one night, they also lined up the entire inventory for presentation during the sales events! After locating your BMW from among our inventory, Eric and his staff bring the vehicle back to our dealership. He then ensures the vehicle has passed its Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) by our Technician.

While Eric is checking with the status ofthe PDI, he also identifies whetherthere is a recall or technical campaign available for the car, as no vehicle can be delivered you without the safety and assurance of a complete Pre-delivery Inspection. After the vehicle has passed its PDI, Eric checks if there are any accessories such as bike rack, spoiler, oraftermarketwheels to be installed on the vehicle; he ensures the necessary installations are made before to sending it to the Detail Department. Here your vehicle is prepped, cleaned, shampooed, waxed and polished to perfect, shining condition.

Afterdetailing, one ofourLotStaffdrives the carinto our15-carDeliveryCentre and proceeds with the fifth step: conducting checks to the batteryvoltage, tire pressure, fuel level, and forthe presence of standard tire tools and the owners manual. He or she then completes a full Delivery Checklist

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“Nothing is more rewarding for me than to see how every department and every employee carries out various tasks as part of our ultimate goal: to ensure happy customers leave Brian Jessel BMW with their vehicles in a perfect condition.”

and signs it. Finally, yourBMW is placed underthe heavy duty industrial lighting system in the Delivery Centre. If the staff person notes any additional detailing job to be performed, he orshe puts on an apron and performs the additional detailing work on the spot. On the deliverydate, afterthe Business Managerconfirms yourfinancing and you have purchased vehicle insurance, our Lot Staffperson installs the license plate. Now you are officiallythe proud new owner of a Brian Jessel BMW! Although most of our clients or front-end employees may not see or have first hand knowledge ofthe extent ofthe work, effort and time our Lot Staff put in to ready each of our vehicles, our Lot Staff take

pride in theircommitmentto perfecting everyvehicle in the DeliveryCentre and ensuring the highest possible customer satisfaction. Nothing is more rewarding forme than to see how everydepartmentand every employee carries outvarious tasks as part of our ultimate goal: to ensure happy customers leave Brian Jessel BMW with theirvehicles in a perfect condition. So when you pick up your next vehicle with us, please rememberthe unsung heroes who took ownership in caring for the preparation ofyourvehicle. One last point in closing: in May and June this year, Brian Jessel BMV delivered more than 200 new BMWs and over 80 pre-owned vehicles each month. We couldn’t have done this, much less continued to be Canada’s numberone BMWretailer, withoutthe hard work of our much appreciated “unsung heroes” in the Lot Department. Wayto go, guys!

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