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Ultimate Tech Question: Brake Pads

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Story by Robert Harrison

We all take brakes for granted yet this is the most frequently used safety system in your car. As well as providing stopping power, the brakes also work in conjunction with the traction control and vehicle stability systems. If you have driven your BMW for more than 35,000 kilometres then you probably have had the brakes repaired during that time. Many customers who are new to BMW question whether the brake discs should be replaced during replacement of the brake pads.

BMW has equipped its cars with the best brakes that are designed to deliver top performance during all braking conditions. Five or 10 feet of reduced stopping distance can be a life-saver and compromise is not in BMW’s engineers’ vocabulary. To achieve balanced performance, the brake pads are designed to provide minimum stopping distances under various conditions. The brake discs tend to wear down to minimum thickness as the brake pads wear. This is due to the aggressive design of the brake pad material. In most cases the front brake discs will need to be replaced as they cannot be machined and still maintain the minimum safety standard.

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Are there brake pads available that don’t wear the brake rotors?

Yes, but they do not deliver the same performance, stopping distance and antifade characteristics.

Do you remember the last time you made a panic stop?

It is reassuring to know that your car is equipped with top performing brakes! The good news is BMW offers package-pricing on brake repairs, which provides a competitive price for a quality product. We will be happy to provide a complete quotation!

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In response to feedback from our customers we are introducing Express Service while you wait for scheduled maintenance. We have developed a team of technicians and a dedicated Service Advisor to ensure that our promised time is guaranteed! Breanne Yip is available Tuesday through Saturday and would be happy to book your appointment and will personally follow up on your vehicle throughout the repair process. Your time is valuable and we respect your individual needs; our objective is to complete repairs within an hour. Call Breanne at 604.293.2571.


Before you head out on a long trip, check your tire pressures and condition, oil level and washer fluid. For the summer months we are offering the BMW Safety Test for $99. We’ll do the checking and provide you with a vehicle condition report. (Offer expires September 2006.)

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