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Turn up the summer vibes in your home with a golden sitting room adorned with eclectic character pieces.

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Cast a golden glow with a column-shaped floor lamp in gold and black which can blend into both the classical and the modern living room. It looks particularly elegant next to a suite of furniture or in the corner of a room. Add a decorative figure which realistically recreates a parrot on a pedestal. It welcomes guests as they enter the room, or enchantingly supplements an arrangement of greenery. It brings a beautiful touch of exotic flair. And better still, it never flies away! In the centre, not a sofa, but a treasure! From its charmingly curved seats to its semi-circular backrest and velvety cover, this three-seater with a mid-century flair is an incredibly appealing and sophisticated piece that could easily be found in a luxury hotel. It offers comfort as well as a better conversation configuration. Its yellow upholstery will also complete the sunny vibe in your living room. Find these designs at

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