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Story by Joe Leary

There is no set degree of requisite screen time an actor must accrue before the adjective ‘veteran’ can precede their name. And with such a vast body of work as listed on the resume of Emmanuelle Vaugier, the term most certainly applies. With well over 100 screen credits in her 27 year career, the Vancouver-born actress/model has been steadily working and garnering key roles in the process.

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Where did the acting bug strike?

“In second grade I was the understudy for a girl in the Christmas Pageant play as the narra – tor angel,” says Vaugier. “The girl was sick one night and I got my moment to shine for all of thirty seconds and say my four lines onstage and I found I really liked it.

Plus, I loved Michael J. Fox growing up and watching ‘Family Ties’ and all his movies. He was very inspirational and was also a local and I thought, well if he can do it, I can do it.” Vaugier’s depth of range is fully evidenced by the broad spectrum of roles portrayed, includ – ing horror.

She recalls a non-scary example of working within that genre. “I get asked a lot about ‘Saw’ and people want to know if it was scary. And I say, ‘Not really’, because you’re at Craft Services eating a sandwich, and the dude with a knife through his head is there pouring a coffee.

When it all comes together, that’s when you see the horror.”The most notable of appearances for the actress would be recurring roles on primetime series, ‘Rogue’; ‘CSI: NY’, and the long-running ‘Two and a Half Men’, where she played Mia, the ex-girlfriend of lead actor Charlie Sheen.

“That was pretty wild,” she recalls of the frenzy surrounding appearing on the top-rated hit sitcom.

“That coincided with me having ‘Saw II’ coming out to a huge opening. It was this whirl – wind of a year of everything happening…it was pretty wild. I didn’t even know what ‘Two and a Half Men’ was when I auditioned for it! And when I got the role, I didn’t know why it was such a big deal.

Then I start seeing all these billboards around Los Angeles and realized, Ok, I guess it is a big show!”

“Then I start seeing all these billboards around Los Angeles and realized, Ok, I guess it is a big show!”

The other overriding passion in the life of Emmanuelle Vaugier is animals. A vocal activist for the protection of animals, she holds an annual fundraising event called ‘Fluffball’. “It’s a 501 (c) (3) non-profit registered to do business in the US.

We throw high-end cocktail events and do online fundraising to bring awareness and generate funds for various animal welfare causes. Growing up with dogs as a young girl, I’ve always loved animals. I just connect to them very easily and they bring something special to my life.”

Organizers are currently working on the ‘Fluffball 2023/2024’ event and, as opposed to solely being California-based, plans are to take it on the road. Occasionally Emmanuelle’s two passions align, enabling the actress to portray a role that involves animals.

“The movie I just did this past June had me working with horses and chickens on a farm, so basically I was in my element combining my two favourite things.”

An accomplished equestrian herself, she loves talking about her own horse, Bunny.

It’s a true joy and the subsequent environment is one she absolutely relishes being around. “When I’m at the barn, which is almost every day, if there’s anything Bunny needs I make sure she gets it.

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I’m grateful to have her at a barn where she is so well cared for. I love spending time with her, riding, grooming; as well as just hanging out with her and bonding.”

In her own words, careers happen organically and you are best to roll with things – but always strive to branch out and spread your acting wings in the process. Staying incredibly active onscreen, with exciting projects either about to be released or in pre-production, Emmanuelle Vaugier has a measured approach to her craft.

“To me it really is to do what is the best fit at the time,” she explains. “It’s also what fits into my lifestyle and where I’m at. For me right now my biggest priority is to be able to be with my animals; work, compete with my horse and just enjoy life.

And if I can combine some of those things, even better! I try not to take anything too seriously.

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