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Meet Lorenzo DeCicco


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Story by Joe Leary

With an aggregate of 21 years working as a senior executive within the corporate arena of Canadian telecommunications, Lorenzo DeCicco has identified several key trends in business, regardless of industry or marketplace. His vast years of experience have taught him that business owners and CEOs alike are increasingly on the lookout for ways to improve the customer experience, all while increasing revenues and inspiring relevance within team members.

Succeeding at this makes them seemingly indispensable to their customer base. And it all starts with a great team. Having covered the leadership gamut from Fortune 500, professional sport and private and public companies, in job experiences ranging from start-ups and small businesses all the way up to multi-million dollar operations, he astutely sensed an opportunity and Game Changer was created in 2000.

“The best strategy in the world means nothing if you don’t know how to execute it,” says DeCicco. “This is where Game Changer comes in. “There is no escaping hard work on the path to success… strategy is not the silver bullet: execution is the key.

“Building a great team that understands the power of culture and execution is the only way. “In today’s modern business era, when many organizations struggle to execute on their vision, the “what” is often clearly understood, but the “how” is missing.”

The Game Changer method offers a unique, modern approach to traditional leadership and consulting practices. With a list of clients that include professional sports organizations, marketing and brand agencies, hi-tech, property developers, luxury automotive, various franchises and numerous other public and privately-held businesses, the Game Changer programs and methodologies are not just theoretical concepts.

It has been proven that, when executed effectively, they are guaranteed to deliver results focused on people as an organization’s single greatest competitive advantage.

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As for the creation of Game Changer, DeCicco based it on real-world experiences in business, creating proven strategies effective in today’s fast-paced business environments.

“The post-pandemic era created an unprecedented leadership challenge for many organizations,” he says, adding, “and the market is screaming for leadership. “Game Changer is well positioned to help modernize your business.

“It takes more than a great strategy to win these days. Culture doesn’t only eat strategy for breakfast; it also eats it for lunch and dinner, too.” It’s with these firsthand observations that DeCicco was able to effectively map out his winning formula.

“These are the very elements that I have spent a career developing and are the cornerstones of the Game Changer methodology. “There is no theory to our program: everything within the framework has been tested and proven to drive results.” Acknowledging that businesses can differ dramatically from one another, Game Changer is totally adaptable for each specific client.

Today you will find Lorenzo applying his trade at MET, Canada’s most-beloved and highly-awarded brand partner, where he works closely with industry icons George and Nikos Kallas, focusing on the evolution of the 45 year old company, taking it from commercial printer to brand partner.

It serves as the perfect illustration of the power of people, innovation and flawless execution in a most inspiring way. And DeCicco is in the business of inspiration. “There is no greater opportunity to change the game than this post-pandemic moment in history,”

he says. “Are you ready?”

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