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Story by Leeta Liepins

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Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of the populace like the word “strike.” When something we all take for granted in our daily round gets taken away, we are left perplexed and antagonized. Come on, we implore earnestly, can’t you people just kiss and make up so we all can go back to our regular programming. Thank you very much. One of the consequences of a strike is that in order to understand the situation, we are compelled to learn more about individual industries and the foibles or vulnerabilities on either side.

More often than not, it is a startling exposure of apparent David and Goliath-like circumstances that permeate through most corporate entities. We are not entirely surprised by this, nor are we empathetic, as we still feel annoyed and resentful that we are being deprived of our creature comforts

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Why would you watch repeats of a late show? The U.S. writers’ strike is in full swing. Nothing much to be bothered about for the average working person, until they get home from a long day at work.

Now they just want to relax in front of their preferred screen, turn to their best-loved series, or catch the latest trending pop culture being mocked by their favourite late show host.

Why would you watch repeats of a late show? Not going to happen. Actors and the entire entertainment profession are profoundly affected by this strike.

The pandemic struck down these creatives for years and just as work life was starting to get back to normal, along came new challenges. Huge technological shifts are in large part responsible, and like the similar strikes before this one, have put many out of work and out of the business.

Shorter series and seasons, plus the addition of multiple streaming platforms, have reduced earnings for everyone except the production companies themselves, who have found excellent methods to extend their dollars and maximize profits. Video killed the radio star and now the old distribution models are being murdered. It is indeed a strange new world. The creatives will have to be even more innovative as the future races forward to “boldly go where no alternative intelligence has gone before!”

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