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Story by Joe Leary


Consistently ranking within the top one and two percent among 20,000 Royal Lepage realtors across Canada over his 30-year career, Glen Bohnet has gained a lot of expertise in the real estate industry. Earning his license in 1993, Glen’s career began with a 23-lot custom home development of Burnaby’s Deerbrook Estates.

That was followed by an opportunity to sell a development of eleven custom homes in a luxury boutique subdivision off Bainbridge in Burnaby, known as Bainbridge Estates. About 25 years ago Bohnet created a team now known as Teambold.

The team focused on being part of the overall transformation of the Tri-Cities area and, in particular, making neighbouring Anmore into the next great luxury neighbourhood.

His most recent development in the area was Pinnacle Ridge Estates. Situated along the shores of Indian Arm, just north of Port Moody and 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Anmore is establishing itself as a prime sought-after residential destination.

Bohnet describes the area as the ‘Hamptons of Vancouver’ and all indications would suggest that’s a fair description. “Within the last few years, the most-searched areas are Coquitlam and Port Moody on affordability, as the value is tremendous,” says Bohnet.

“Anymore has become one of the most recognized luxury neighbourhoods to live in because you can purchase a one-acre, a thirdor half-acre lot with a home, the value of which is considerably less than comparables in West Van, North Van, Burnaby and even South Surrey. You get way more for the value.

”Bohnet cites an example from pre-2000:
“I sold a house in Anmore about 25 years ago, ” he recalls.

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“I “Bohnet describes thearea as the‘Hamptons of Vancouver’ and all indications would suggest that’s a fair description.”

“At that point it was pretty remote, with no real infrastructure and kind of rough overall. As the market started to turn and values started to increase, it became a different story.

“I sold a home in 2016 in Anmore and it was tough to get appraisals and to sell the home at $3.6M as it was the highest sale at the time. Today that same home would be around the $7M plus price range and this represents the tremendous value back then and even today.

“That same home in West Vancouver would be in the $12-14M range. So it’s almost half the price and you’d be on a smaller lot and not have the same square footage.

” It would appear that the word is out and Anmore and the Tri-Cities area have become a popular target for the discerning buyer.

“I’m noticing over the last five years there is a steady migration of people from North and West Vancouver and even Coquitlam moving to Anmore, because there is limited land which makes the area even more exclusive. “It’s similar for the Tri-Cities areas. You’re getting a good-sized lot that’s within easy reach of all amenities, which is of added value coming from the other areas where those things are abundant.

“We have stunning waterfront properties creating safe neighbourhoods and family living, all within close proximity to flagship chain locations, the famous Brewer’s Row and a high quality outdoor, healthy lifestyle that caters to everyone from first-time buyers and starter families to ideal retirement locations.

” Bohnet and wife Julia live on a one-acre property in Anmore as it fits their lifestyle to a tee. “We both like outdoor life, it’s a great, safe area for walks with plenty of nature,” he says.

Glen Bohnet has a passion for fine wine, being a member of California Cult Classics; he is a watch collector; and he has enjoyed a long relationship with Brian Jessel BMW.

“I like the fit and finish of their cars,” he says. “I’ve ordered and am really looking forward to taking possession of the new 2024 X6 M Competition. And as sales continue to gather steam in the Anmore area, Bohnet says the quality of life in that area can’t be beat. “It’s hard to believe that all this exists less than an hour from downtown Vancouver,” he says.

“It’s green and lush and it’s becoming more popular all the time.

‘There are not many areas like this left.”

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“We have stunning waterfront properties creating safe neighbourhoods and family living, all within close proximity to flagship chain locations…”

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