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Foodie File cool kitchen gadgets on our radar right now

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Patrick Jouin and chef Alain Ducasse designed this pot for Alessi to cook pasta like risotto. Simply add pasta and water, and the pasta cooks by absorbing the liquid. No more pre-boiling or straining. Alessi pasta pot, $315 (with spoon, lid and trivet) through Zidea Design.

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Your daily fix just got better

This little gadget makes some of the best espresso style coffee I have tasted. It is easy to use (very similar to the workings of a French press), easy to clean, and takes up virtually no counter space. The total brewing time of only 30 seconds reduces acidity in the grounds and results in an exceptionally smooth robust taste. Pack this little gizmo when you travel or head to the cottage and you’ll never taste a bad cup of coffee again. AeroPress Coffee System $39.95

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Food tunes

This colourful rubber-cased radio is splash-proof, iPod compatible, portable, and produces high-fidelity sound! It has a built-in kitchen timer (or an alarm clock) and can be hung up to save valuable space in the kitchen. With a wide range of colours to suit any kitchen décor this is a sure fire way to let music inspire while you cook. SongBook, $200, Tivoli Audio.


Kitchen innovation

Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to the Sharp Insight™ Pro Microwave Drawer. I have never owned a microwave but am considering this one for my kitchen – it is ultra sleek, powerful and takes up no counterspace as it has been reinvented to fit under the counter. Perfect for small spaces, a grand home theatre or the foodie who just has to have the latest and greatest. Available in 24inch and 30inch Sharp Insight™ Pro Microwave Drawer $999.95

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