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Introducing the New BMW 5 Series GranTurismo

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Story by Calvin Lam

I am very excited to announce the introduction of the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo. This vehicle is a contemporary interpretation of the fine European classic: it combines the stylish sophistication and elegance of a luxury limousine like the 7 series with the flexibility of the 5 series station wagon and the versatility of the X5 SAV. With its luxurious and generous interior space and highly efficient engine, it is a very new concept of a modern crossover vehicle. BMW, once again, is ahead of the game in this segment.

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One of my favorite standard engine features is the Dynamic Drive Control that influences not only the gearshift dynamics, but also the gas pedal and steering assistance control map. In combination with optional Adaptive Drive, this means superior suspension function. Drivers have the choice of NORMAL, SPORT, SPORT+, and COMFORT modes, which they can select directly on the Dynamic Drive Control button on the centre console. With this easy selection system you can have your cars performance match your mood or driving conditions. One of the things that most excites me about the new 5 Series Gran Turismo is the design—when you drive down the street in this car, people really turn their heads.

I love the way the sleek surfaces on the front and rear door panels merge smoothly into one another while the horizontal arrangement of the instrument panel enhances the luxurious ambience. Good looks do not mean that comfort is compromised: spacious seats, headroom and elbow freedom provide the highest standard typically found only in luxury performance class vehicles.

The rear seats can be adjusted individually to meet the greatest demands in luxury comfort. Individually adjustable Comfort Seats with even more adjustments atthe rear are available as an option to maximize the seat positioning. That said, comfort is also accompanied by performance and safety: the slightly elevated seating position, the clear, structured arrangement of the controls, BMW’s new iDrive displayed on a 10.2-inch LCD Control Display with standard cockpit Black Panel technology helps improve the driver’s control at all times.

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo combines the practicality of an SUV/SAV and the luxury of a 7 Series in a design that reminds me of a coupé. This vehicle is a great choice for those who enjoy innovative design and new concepts. I don’t mean to keep you on the edge of your seats but this car is expected to launch in 2010, and when it does, I hope thatyou will come in to Brian Jessel BMW to experience the ride for yourself.

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“The innovative luggage partition easily enables you to increase the trunk capacity from 440-litres to 1,700-li”

What makes this new vehicle so exceptional? First of all, the long-wheelbase provides limousine levels of interior space and ride refinement. The Gran Turismo’s distinctive shape offers length that nearly matches that of the BMW 7 series, creating a more spacious feeling for its occupants. The 1.56 meter vehicle height means that the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo has a lower roofline than the BMW X5, yet it still has the same headroom. Passengers are not the only ones who benefit from BMW’s focus on comfort and functionality: the Gran Turismo’s semi-command driving position allows for ease of entry and greater forward visibility.

For those of you who like to travel or participate in sports, this new vehicle offers the second largest luggage capacity after the BMW X5. The innovative luggage partition easily enables you to increase the trunk capacity from 440-litres to 1,700-liters. In addition, the dual tailgate creates flexible storage options. Opening the small, sedan-like luggage compartment lid beneath the rear window with the tailgate remaining closed, the driver and passengers are able to conveniently load the rear compartment without causing any unpleasant noise, drafts or changes in temperature within the passenger compartment. To load large and bulky items, the large tailgate can be opened for maximum convenience.

The 5 Series Gran Turismo comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which was previously only available in the BMW 760i twelve-cylinder luxury sedan. This high-tech automatic combines gearshift comfort, dynamic performance and great efficiency. The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo houses the most advanced turbo engine technology, allowing it to set new standards in performance, economy and emission management (0-100 km/h 5.5sec, 300HP/600Nm/lb-ft; EU5 Standard: CO2 emissions 263g/km; Fuel consumption 11.2L/100km combined; 550i). BMW Efficient Dynamics are standard features in the Gran Turismo; this includes: Brake Energy Regeneration, Active Aerodynamics, low resistance tires, intelligent lightweight design and intelligent energy management. The ultra modern suspension technology of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is designed for both engaging driving dynamics and grand touring comfort. Integral Active Steering is available as an option, combining active steering of the front wheels with rear-wheel steering dependent on driving environments and current road conditions to enhance safety and performance

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