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Masters Class Team

From sales to service, meet the leaders who uphold the standards for Brian Jessel BMW excellence every single day

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Story by John Cheng

A vehicle known around the world for its untouchable quality and performance demands the human equivalentto represent it. A BMW is an ultimate machine. It passes every rigorous test to ensure consistent functioning time after time.

Much of the same can be said of the team at Brian Jessel BMW. We are proud to work among and to offer you the people who ensure the very best experience as you shop, purchase and enjoy your BMW. Meet our very best: Sales Masters and Master Technicians.

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a person eminently skilled in something, as an art or science

To qualify selling as an art or science is not an overstatement; BMW Sales Masters combine the charisma to form a genuine rapport with customers (art) with the ability to dissect and deliver on customers’ needs (science). BMW Gold Sales Masters are defined within the nationwide BMW retailer network as the top-12 sales consultants among metro retailers, ranked by number of vehicles sold and customer satisfaction index combined. Brian Jessel BMW is home to 4 BMW Gold Sales Masters.

“Not only do you need to love your job, but more importantly, you need to show it.”

Valentino Almeida

During his initial interview with Brian Jessel 15 years ago, Valentino, a newly landed immigrant from India, was stumped by the question: “How many cars are you going to sell?” Today, that question still motivates Valentino to aim high. He is the only person in the country to hold double Master’s titles: New Vehicle Gold Master and Pre Owned Silver Master. In order to become a BMW Sales Master, besides selling high volumes and achieving elevated customer satisfaction scores, a person as to score a minimum of 75% on the quarterly master quiz, which includes topics ranging from BMW product knowledge to new technology to understanding the competitors’ products.

James Au

James has been a Master club membersince 2003.Overtheyears, he has managed to effectively balance the time it takes to build real, lasting customer relationships and the detailed, time-consuming work of processing sales details. James has drawn on the large personal network that’s tied to his hobbies. In other words, he expands his network, which feeds his work, by doing something he truly enjoys. “You have to love your job,” he says. “And for me to represent my company doing what I love; it’s a perfect match.”

Calvin Lam

When veteran salesman Calvin joined Brian Jessel BMW from a rival high-end auto retailer years ago, he did so in order to align himself with a company that shares his personal values and beliefs and encourages his growth. In Brian Jessel he found justthat: a company that believes its most important job is to encourage employee development and growth, since that in turn allows the dealership to maintain a competitive edge. A natural competitor himself, Calvin set his sights on achieving Master’s Status early in his sales career – and he has been one for the entirety of his tenure at this dealership. He credits positive word of mouth for this accomplishment. “Treat customers right and they will refer their friends and family to you,” he says. And is he intimidated by all of the Sales Masters working under a single roof? His competitive spirit is undaunted: “This is friendly competition,” he says. “We all propel each other forward.”

Cary Lau

Cary has enjoyed Gold Sales Master distinction for the last 14 years. His status as an accomplished salesman was cemented when BMW Canada enlisted him for his advice on strategy for selling each vehicle model. The industry has cyclical highs and lows summer being the high season and winter being the low and yet there doesn’t ever seem to be a low for Cary. Just this past February, he was on pace to beat his own record: 43 new cars in a month, plus several used BMWs (this is as many as some dealerships sell in a month). More amazingly, he seldom takes any new leads most of his customers are repeat business or referrals. When asked for his secret to success, he responds with simple values: “Follow up and stay in touch with all of your customers. Attitude is quite important, too. Not only do you need to love your job, but more importantly, you need to show it. Customers feel your energy and feed off of it. If you’re not happy, the customer likely won’t be in much of a buying mood.” Cary was also ranked #1 for BMW sales this year by the New Car Dealers Association of BC.

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“The technology advances so quickly that if you don’t stay on top of it, you’ll fall behind”

master technician

An individual qualified to teach apprentices and to carry on a trade independently

Becoming a BMW Master Technician takes persistence, dedication and true, raw skill. Training must constantly be updated and re-assessed (including attendance at all New Model Technology conferences and an often-overwhelming load of off-hours course work) hands-on work completed (namely, repairs on technically advanced models) and apprentice mentoring.

Travis McFarlane

After eight years with Brian Jessel BMW, it is easy to appreciate Travis’ dedication to personal growth and consistency of performance he was nominated Employee OfThe Yearthree years in a row, winning the title in 2009. The road to becoming a Master Tech was a long one, butTravis is emphatic that the journey was well worth it. “I love the feeling of being able to help my fellow coworkers when they are they are having difficulties,” he says. As Shop Foreman and a Master Technician, he also easily lends a hand to front-end staff as well. One of the many great qualities aboutTravis: when asked, he is more than happy to explain a complicated issue to customers without using intimidating jargon and technical terms.

Carl Bylenga

Carl’s path to MasterTechnician status was all abouttiming: as a Shop Foreman, he cannot be away from the shop for extended periods of time that at times, which affected his abilityto attend his certification course. Butwith commitment and persistency Carl, a 21 year veteran at Brian Jessel BMW, achieved and has dutifullymaintained the MasterTechnician title. He is extremelyproud to be part ofthe elite club and looks forward to a long, happy career as a Master.

Paul Testroete

Distinguished as one of the longest-tenured Master Technicians in Canada, Paul is still motivated, after 20-plus years with Brian Jessel BMW, to stay on the leading edge of technology by attending every New Model Technology course offered.

Adamo Artuso

The newest Master member on the team, Adamo constantly challenges himself to be better. “The technology advances so quickly that if you don’t stay on top of it, you’ll fall behind,” he says. He’s currently looking forward to his first BMW Master Tech forum, where BMW extracts ideas and improves on its products even further. Adamo enjoys mentoring other technicians in the shop and provides assistance whenever he can. “Being in the shop certainly earns you a lot of respect because everyone knows how much personal time and commitment is required to become a MasterTech.” Dedication alone, however, does not guarantee successful certification. Each technician must pass a rigorous hands-on test judged by three Master Instructors in order to ascend to that prestigious level.

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