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Story by Jim Murray

Our new dealership is spectacular with its high ceilings, the all-glass front showroom, which fits 30 BMWs, and the location couldn’t be better. What is even more exciting is all of the new BMW products that are coming our way. I can’t give away too much quite yet, but here is a quick overview of what is to come…

The New BMW M5

Let’s start with 507 bhp (373 kW) with a maximum torque of 383 lb-ft and redlining at 8,250 rpms. Did that peak your interest? Even though our new facility is a further commute from my home, the drive time will be reduced once I get behind the wheel of this power plant. It has a monstrous V-10, and goes 0 – 100 kmh in under five seconds. The new M5 is the most powerful production model in the BMW line-up. It also has an intense and aggressive new appearance.

It comes with 19” wheels with performance tires and a modified front spoiler, rear apron, and side sills. The wheel arches are bigger, which allow for the larger tires and there are four tailpipes. The front fenders incorporate gills, and the interior uses exclusive leather on the sport seats. Of course the instrument cluster, center console, and steering wheel are all designed with the appropriate M-style.

For me, the most exciting part of the M5 is its advanced technology and how it developed. It was acquired through years of testing using the BMW Wiliams F1 team’s race cars as the model. The BMW V-10 is the only power unit featured in a series-production car! The new M5 will be arriving summer 2005. We are taking orders now.

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BMW 1 Series

BMW calls it “infectious enjoyment”. This is the perfect vehicle for city living, yet still large enough for the weekend road trips. It will be a premium alternative to the Audi A3 and VW Golf. This rear wheel drive compact vehicle will have a similar design look as the rest of its BMW family. It will have the distinctive twin headlights and BMW kidney, and dynamically sloping roof and shoulder lines. In addition, the bonnet and wheelbase will be elongated. You will have multiple options with the 1 Series including the mobile phone cradle with Bluetooth interface and hands-free phone navigation system, park distance control, and the bi-xenon headlights. I have no doubt that this vehicle will be pure driving pleasure! It will possibly arrive in 2006.


No, not the 1980’s Giugiaro-designed mid engine M1 with 277 horsepower, but the new BMW M1 slated to come with an innovative version of the current M5’s V8 engine. BMW Motorsport is helping to design this beauty and it will be known for its light weight; roughly 1000 kilograms. It won’t have any of the retro feel of the Z8, but more of a modern BMW road car with Formula One power. It is believed it will have between 375 and 450 bhp. Don’t get too excited yet, as it doesn’t look like it will be making it out our way anytime soon. Sorry for the tease.

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BMW 5 Series Wagon

Arriving in mid-May 2005, the BMW 5 Series Wagon will be arriving at Brian Jessel BMW. Like its predecessors, this ultimate wagon will have all of the innovative luxuries one has come to expect from a BMW. A few highlights include: active steering and headlights, dynamic drive, and head-up display. You can also count on more space in this upgrade, noticeably the luggage compartment. In addition, imitating one of the five Series Sedan’s technical highlights, the rear trunk lid will open automatically by remote control. This third generation wagon will please the entire family with its safety, ultimate sporting performance, comfort, and refined presence! The future looks bright as the BMW product line just keeps getting better and better. Stop by and take a look at our huge inventory, have a cappuccino and enjoy our new facility. We would be happy to speak with you about BMWs!

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