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Becoming a BMW Sales Master

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Story by James Au

BMW Canada has long recognized its top sales performers in the BMW retailer network under a program called the BMW Masters Club Program. Throughout my career with Brian Jessel BMW, which began over 14 years ago, this program has evolved to recognize truly exceptional Sales Associates that are well-rounded achievers in sales, product knowledge and customer satisfaction. These are all things that have been close to the core business values at Brian Jessel BMW and we have been encouraged here to aim high and aspire to become Sales Masters.

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Myself included, we currently have 4 BMW Gold Sales Masters for the 2009/10 standings. Cary Lau, Valentino Almeida, Calvin Lam and I all received the highest honors from BMW Canada. There are two categories of recognition, BMW Gold Sales Master and BMW Silver Sales Master.

To achieve this each associate must achieve a high score from the BMW University product training courses and attend a minimum of three days of training each year just to qualify for the program. The rest is based on sales volume (2/3) and customer satisfaction survey results (the other 1/3). My colleagues just returned from Prague and Vienna which was their Gold Master Grand travel award.

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“The dealership has always had the philosophy that our customers are like our family”

Hard Work & an Open Mind

I have been asked by our younger staff and other BMW colleagues how our dealership and me personally have sustained the Gold Master level for some many years. Really, there is no secret—you have to understand your customers’ wants and needs and be prepared to dedicate your time and focus to making each of your customers experiences with their BMW a memorable one. The dealership has always had the philosophy that our customers are like our family. Because we do everything we can to cater to our customers, I work long hours at the dealership. In short, I’ve told my fellow colleges that above all else it takes hard work to become a Sales Master

Education is also important: you must always continue to learn. Vancouver has recently seen a trend of new immigrants from mainland China. Although I’m Chinese and speak Cantonese I recently upgraded my Mandarin bytaking courses so I can better communicate with more clients and reach a wider audience.

Understanding new technologies, diversifying skills and learning new language skills have all contributed to my success. Even great sales consultant can not do it all alone: my many referrals and repeat clients play a very important role in my success and the success of Brian Jessel BMW.

The great thing is that most of our clients are happy to send referrals because of the exceptional treatment they know their friends family or colleagues will receive from us. Of course my business is your business and I have also tried to bring together my personal business associates with people who are my clients.

This approach has always made common sense to me: Supportthe ones who support you and involve your personal life into your business life. Today they are all one. For example, I recently joined a recreational gun club for IPSC shooting which has really improved my skills in this precision sport but I have also made some great new friends and many have become part ofthe Brian Jessel family, purchasing their new BMWs here. I am proud to be a BMW Gold Sales Master and I thank all my clients and referrals forthere support and the support of my colleagues at Brian Jessel BMW for their dedication to making my customers’ experience a memorable one every time.

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