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Story by Joe Leary

It’s a lifestyle choice, and owners are very passionate about their bikes, says Trev Deeley Motorcycles General Manager, Darwin Osarchuk, of the dealership’s clientele.

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“It’s more than them just being a customer at Trev Deeley’s. Many of these people become our friends…..we ride with them.”

That’s a fact echoed by longtime supporters like Robert Byler. I have had a very long relationship and connection with the Trev Deeley dealership,he says. It goes back to 1992, when I ordered my first Harley-Davidson from Darwin at the East Broadway location just over 30 years ago.

“Darwin and his team have built a very loyal and special customer experience with myself and many, many others over all these years. “Nothing else is comparable.

In fact, the mantra at Trev Deeley should be ‘We are family. Osarchuk started as the service driver and parts employee over thirty-five years ago when Trev Deeley and business partners Don James and Malcolm Hunter owned the operation.


Keeping it in the ‘family,’ ownership of Trev Deeley Motorcycles changed hands in 2016 when original partner Don James’s son Darren purchased the heritage brand and spectacular Boundary Road facility, maintaining the dealership’s rich history while his own racing lifestyle mirrored that of Deeley. Dealer Principal Darren James started working at the shop in 1992. As a professional racer for the past 23 years, he remains active on the circuit and has been duly rewarded

The location not only showcases the latest, greatest and pre-owned models and merchandise available over a number of brands, it pays homage to the pioneering racing figure with an inspiring retrospective museum, displaying the namesake’s valued collection of motorcycles throughout the years.

It ranks among the best of its kind in the world and serves as a fitting tribute to the legendary figure, who throughout his career competed in, won, and established numerous racing records in the process—all while riding a Harley-Davidson. A stroll through the annals of Trev Deeley history illustrates a bond between staff and customers that spans years.

To the customers, the purchase of a motorcycle is more than just buying a mode of transportation.

T he name ‘Deeley’ has been synonymous with the world of motorcycles across Canada since 1917, when Fred Deeley Sr. added the Harley-Davidson brand to his growing Vancouver bicycle business. Upon expansion in 1925, Trev Deeley’s father, Fred Jr., took over the motorcycle operation. In his teens, Fred’s son, the revolutionary Trevor, began apprenticing in the business.

By1953 Trev Deeley would have his own name emblazoned atop the signature marquis at the original East Broadway dealership location.


Today, Trev Deeley Motorcycles is housed on Boundary Road in a spectacular 45,000 square foot facilityJames is a two-time Canadian National Champion; a US National Champion; he competed in all the Irish Road Racing and was awarded ‘Top Newcomer’ in the Lightweight Class at the Isle of Man TT in 2016.

He has also participated ten times in the prestigious ‘Daytona 200,’ an annual 200 mile race in Daytona Beach, Florida in which his best performance was a 6th place finish. “My father was Trevor’s business partner, and my introduction to this business and the culture,” says James. Dad would take me to the East Broadway store and as the owner’s kid I’d work there cleaning bikes.

My role was to go around and pick up debris in the neighbourhood. I had a few other jobs and one of them was on the Harley-Davidson demo truck.” Eventually James got hired by Harley-Davidson. “Motorcycles were in my blood from the day I was born, he says.


As an active rider himself, Darren James continues the proud tradition of the dealership namesake’s love of motorcycle racing. From 1947 to 1958 Trev Deeley competed in, won and ultimately set a series of track records in numerous races across North America.

These would include him being a three-time competitor at the Daytona 200. In 1957, Deeley retired from racing and became more involved in the motorcycle industry and community. His commitment to motorcycle culture clearly revolutionized the industry in Canada, and in 1973 he was given exclusive rights for the distribution of Harley-Davidson products and ultimately became the first Canadian appointed to their Board of Directors.

Among his numerous accolades are countless awards and inductions that honour his contributions and accomplishments throughout his life. He became a Canadian Motor Sports Hall of Fame Inductee in 1995, and the only Canadian winner of the American Motorcyclists Association Dud Perkins Award.


Trev Deeley passed away on March 28, 2002 at the age of 82. And while the business he so helped transform continues to thrive in 2023, Darren James respectfully carries the modern-day torch and continues to honour the legendary brand he now so proudly owns. “The true legacy is from Trevor’s grandfather to his father to Trevor, to my dad, to me,” says James of the dealership’s lineage. “The Jameses and the Deeleys go back fifty years and the name will always be Trev Deeley Motorcycles.

“That will never change. “Darwin Osarchuk was the face of the place and he’s still the man who runs it—he’s the hammer, but now it’s about having my face on this place, and showing people that we’re not a corporate store. “There’s nothing corporate about us. We’re owned by an individual. “And one who’s been a rider since I was a kid.”


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