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A Hero is been Born – 2006 BMW 3 Series

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Story by Michael Ho

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Bavarian Motor Works did it again with the newly re-perfected 3 Series, or as many call it, the E90. The birth of this hero is set to ‘wow’ BMW enthusiasts with its aggressive, yet sleek lines, a more robust kidney grill and aerodynamic back-end, which differs slightly from the rest of the family. We’re very excited about what many car enthusiasts feel will be the most desirable entry-level sports car on the market, and it will be available this spring at Brian Jessel BMW. For the past seven years, the BMW 3 Series has received praise and affection like no other. Therefore, it is hard to imagine

how such a work of art could be improved. Many questions have been asked here at Brian Jessel BMW over the past year: Will it maintain its sophisticated and sporty look, or will it deviate entirely in a new direction? Will it focus more on safety than performance? Will there be more or less room? But the biggest question remains…When can I place my order? Both the 325i and 330i will continue to have a 3.0 litre, inline six-cylinder engine, yet their horsepower will be a nontraditional 215 with 185 lb. –ft of torque, and 255 with 220 lb. –ft of torque, respectively. It will also be the first BMW six-cylinder to use Valvetronic. What does that mean exactly? Translation: Acceleration and exhilaration! The 330i will take you from 0 – 100km/h in 6.3 seconds.

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Performance, BMW’s defining quality, has not been compromised. It turns on a dime, brakes rapidly and responds to driver commands effortlessly. It is said to be 25 percent more rigid overall due to the use of aluminum and high-tensile steels. Definitely one of its most talked about attributes is the new six-speed steptronic, which is an entirely higher level than the old five-speed. This makes the automatic buying decision even more appealing. This fifth-generation body style has a revolutionized look that will merge with the rest of the BMW family.

It will also be larger in size, both in the cabin and with its carry space. Leading highlights of this new model are the push button start ignition (as seen in the 7 Series), climate control, rain sensing wipers, auto dimming rear mirror, and multifunction steering wheel. And of course, it will have all the expected BMW options such as iDrive, Harman/ Kardon Logic7 sound system, navigation system, voice control, active steering, Dakota leather interior, and the park distance control. When it comes to BMW, safety is never sacrificed.

The E90 has a reworked internal system including “Brake Standby” whereby special sensors can detect abrupt throttle lift-off, which activates the brake pads to hug up against the rotors. Anti-lock brakes, automatic stability control and dynamic stability control all come standard in this new machine. Active steering will also be present, allowing for greater maneuverability at low speeds, and better high-speed stability. Standard run-flat tires will also improve the safety of this cutting-edge 3 Series.

Whether this vehicle is your daily driver or your weekend warrior, it is built to impress the most discerning driving enthusiasts! We are taking orders now for the 2006 3 Series, as they will be available for delivery in early May

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