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Men’s Grooming

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Story by Luisa Rino

A walk over to the other side of the bathroom cabinet and things are not as simple as they may appear . . . Shave, shower, shampoo and shine has come a long way baby and thinking you can get away with no grooming regimen is a thing of days gone by. Our experts weighed in on how to make the most of your shaving routine and thinking you can get by without a routine is one of the biggest mistakes the fellas make.

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A few quick pointers:

Soap isn’t going to cut it. The detergents in soap are too harsh, even for the guys, and unless you are after the all weathered look before your time, find a face cleanser suited to your skin type needs. Shave cream is a staple, again soap isn’t going to cut it. Take some time to soften the beard and open the pores with steam (shaving post shower is the fast and easy bet). Grooming expert Graham Bingham of Momentum Grooming says, “Avoid anything with alcohol, and/or butane, and synthetic fragrances which are commonly found in cans of shave cream. High quality ingredients such as glycerine smooth the way for the blade, reducing drag, and ensuring a close shave. Natural botanicals and essential oils soothe and replenish the skin’s natural moisture while protecting freshly shaved skin from bacteria which can lead to bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Also key is the use of water. The more water you can get to your face, the more your whiskers absorb. As whiskers absorb water they weaken, thereby making them easier to shave. Try applying your shave cream with a badger shave brush. You won’t look back.”

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Commit to moisturizing. Men need it too. Properly hydrated and moisturized skin keeps the natural oils in check. End result: no shine and fewer breakout problems. All that’s left is a proper shaving routine and the boy shines up like an old penny. Judah TKTK, of JD’s Barber Shop fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle. “Clean sharp blades, and a steamy hot face are essential ingredients. “A lot of the shavers now have three or more razor blades, which definitely gives you a closer shave than a single blade. I’m not too sure about vibrating blades, but some people swear by them. Find one that works for you and always keep fresh ones close, nothing hurts more than dull blades. “Start your own skin regimen going (stop using cheap products!). Cleanse and moisturize your skin, use toner, apply at least SPF15 every day, especially the baldies out there! Watch out for that sun, it’s our biggest culprit for skin damage, and drink lots of water.”

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