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On Friday, June 25 the Zajac Ranch for children opened its doors (phase 1) to the first group of children. This was an incredible milestone for The Zajac Foundation who have dreamed of creating a camp for children with life threatening, or chronic illnesses for the past six years. Upon completion in 2006, the Zajac Ranch will host hundreds of children with a variety of considerations – who otherwise may never have the opportunity to experience a summer camp adventure. Some children are dependent on daily dialysis treatments to treat kidney disease. Some are living with life-long blood disorders. Others were born with a disfiguring disease and have had to face cruelty from other children because of their conditions. The Zajac Ranch provides the opportunity for these children to regain a sense of self, a joy of life, and the feeling that there are no limits. Each program at the Zajac Ranch has been designed to improve the self-esteem, confidence, and the quality of life of each child in a supportive environment. At the Zajac Ranch, children will learn what they can do, not what they can’t.

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“My family wanted to pass on what a great time that we had at the ranch this past weekend—we can’t wait until next year! Julia was especially affected by the way that the counsellors played and took care of her…The Ranch is a perfect setting to offer unforgettable experiences each year to these kids. I believe that Julia’s message to you and the counsellors says a lot. We got home about a half hour ago and Julia cried for most of the trip home— Julia never cries, even when in pain after surgeries! Once again, thank you for the awesome experience and please pass our thanks on to the crew.” ~ Parent from the Zajac Ranch Craniofacial Family Camp 2004

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Every dollar donated to The Zajac Foundation is applied directly to providing camping opportunities for children like Julia. Donations can be made directly to the Zajac Ranch account at your local Scotiabank, directly to The Zajac Foundation, or by designating your United Way contribution to the Zajac Foundation. For more information please call 604.739.0444, or visit The Zajac Foundation would like to thank Brian Jessel BMW for their incredible generosity and support of the Foundation’s community initiatives.

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