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Story by Joe Leary

Photos by Jacob Couture

“I have always appreciated the craftsmanship of creating spaces and things that are aesthetically and functionally pleasing”

According to a classic John Keats poem, A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never. Pass into nothingness. Or in more modern speak, it is something that remains a constant source of happiness and pleasure. There could be no truer example than that of an elegant timepiece. With over a quarter-century of experience in the jewelry industry, Global Watch Company has become a major influence, and one of the most notable luxury retailers in Western Canada since being founded in 2008. It has always been my dream to create my own company, says Global Watch Company founder Sassan Pourfar.

I built the experience, learned the know-how, and earned a reputation since the late 90s when I started in the industry. Coming to Canada in 1999, Pourfar has an education in architecture. I have always appreciated the craftsmanship of creating spaces and things that are aesthetically and functionally pleasing. During my youth, I worked with a few watch stores and learned to do minor repairs.

That’s when I learned to appreciate timepieces. Beginning by collecting colorful Swatch watches as early as ten years old, Sassan found his passion in mechanical watches at 14 when he was able to see the inside of the working mechanism: the technical aspects, the complications, and the craftsmanship. The Global Watch Company has expanded exponentially in its 15-year history, with more to come. They opened the first store in Vancouver’s Cathedral Place in 2014, carrying a handful of Swiss brands. That was followed two years later when Canada’s first and largest free-standing Rolex Boutique opened in the Shangri-La Hotel.

Continuing on their growth trajectory, Global Watch Company opened Canada’s largest free-standing Chopard Boutique, which is now located on Alberni Street. Last year Sassan opened Western Canada’s only Tudor Boutique, making it the largest in the country. We have several free-standing mono-brand boutiques on Alberni, he says, noting the street has been a great address for GWC, with plenty of further potential. And there is more to come as the company continues to grow. 

The luxury market in Vancouver is always changing, he says, and the next luxury destination will be on the West Side, with Oakridge Park development.

We are privileged to announce Global Watch Company will expand with a few projects there in the coming year.

While Pourfar’s motivation is to be the best of the best, of the best, the focus of Global Watch Company’s brand remains on the overall boutique experience. When clients visit any of our boutiques, they are provided with a full-brand experience from start to finish, with a larger selection of products and access to exclusive pieces.

We work with the most coveted brands in the world and are here to deliver the best brand experience to our clients. It’s a realization that luxury timepieces and jewellery are not everyday purchases and as such the experience and relationship must achieve the highest of standards. Often these items signify investments or purchases that mark significant milestones, such as promotions, weddings, or birthdays, he says.

Thus, it’s a privilege for me to have the opportunity to play a role in these celebrations and become a part of our clients’ cherished memories. This holds great significance for me.

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