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Story by Luisa Rino

Effortless beauty: Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Loren, Catherine Deneuve. They all had it. Lucky for us, this season’s beauty trends are all about the little black liner and a punch of colour on the pout.Canadian Make-up Artist Diana Carreiro took time out from her hectic schedule to give us the goods on summer colour.

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1. What are the top three looks/trends coming at us this summer?

Heavy black winged liner, a 60s look so heavy liner. It’s almost like a cross between 50s and 60s, a bit more hard edge than glamour; think of Sophia Loren. Fuchsia pink lips that we can wear either with the done eyes or alone. I prefer it separate but if you are bold it’s perfect because it’s so simple. The liner is just a black line, that’s it. That’s what makes it modern. Anything metallic works too– shadow or metallic nails, silver or gold, either one. (Editor’s tip: be sure to pick one, don’t mix and match the silver and gold into one look.)

2. What colours should we be integrating into our make-up kits?

Black liner, pink lipsticks/glosses, silver or gold shadows. Blue as in indigo blue, purple, and green but on the runway the black, pink and metallics were the ones that really stood out.

3. What star products would you suggest getting?

NARS Multiple ‘Palm Beach’ cream bronzer stick (bronzing is always happening for summer, you should have this one because you can do so much – eyes, lips, face, body), Écriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Liner Pencil ‘Noir/Black’. Shu Uemura Gloss Lacquer in Radical Fuchsia – pretty bright pink but it can go on sheer because it’s a gloss.

4. What would you suggest to women as a way to translate the runway looks into their home and work life?

Instead of doing a very heavy black liner, use a pen liner and get as close to the lashes as possible, ‘winging’ out slightly at the outer corners. When you are drawing the wing, you must look straight into the mirror – don’t tip your head. Start by drawing the wing and then tilt up and fill in the rest of the lash line. If your eye is hooded, keep the liner as close to lash line as possible. On lips: if fuchsia is too bright a pink, ease into it, and choose a sheer gloss or a lighter pink. Shadows: use metallic shadow sparingly along the lid and inner corner only. Modern, quick touches that can be worn on their own, or with liner.

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5a. Is pale the new tan? Or is bronzer still a big item?

Bronzer is still very big and I believe always will be for Spring/Summer.

b. How should we be using bronzing powders?

If you have oily skin choose a bronzing powder, dry skins should choose a cream or gel, and skins with fine lines or blemishes should stick to matte bronzers as shimmer will highlight any imperfections. Apply the bronzer to the cheekbone with a large fluffy brush, swirling up into the hairline, along the temples and up to the forehead. Re-load the brush and do the same for the other side. Finish by dusting your nose and chin with whatever is left on the brush.

c. What are some common faux pas?

Applying too much bronzer all over the face so the face ends up a completely different colour than the neck.

6. Can you give us a 5-minute make-over run-through?

Everything we’ve recommended is a 5-minute face. We’ll be lightening up for summer so get rid of the heavy foundation. Tinted moisturizer with SPF, a quick dusting of bronzer with a bit more on the cheeks, a swipe of gloss on the lips, and liner or silver shadow and you are done. Curl the lashes and adding mascara will add instant brightness to a face. This trick works on everyone. One extra tip: so as long as your brows are done you look done. The best thing about a pink mouth is that it looks good on just about everyone from pale skin to olive skin. About pink however, if you have blemishes on the rest of your skin or rosacea, you have to neutralize those broken capillaries so you must camouflage them first. A bit of concealer will do this, you can even skip the foundation.

Diana Carreiro has worked as a make-up artist for over 15 years in Canada, the United States, and Spain. She is currently represented by The Artist Group Ltd. in Toronto.

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