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Banfield and his team believe that a well-thought-out design should be approached with a creative and proactive process.

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Story by Janis Nicolay

From a studio with a breathtaking view of the Port Moody inlet, principal designer Jamie Banfield oversees a talented team of designers and architectural technologists passionate about creating efficient and functional residential projects. Jamie Banfield Design Inc. crafts a wide range of residential projects for every kind of family and tailor-makes them to fit their unique needs and lifestyles. As an award-winning residential design firm, they cover projects such as custom homes, renovations, interior, and exterior designs across Canada.

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Since moving to the Pacific Northwest from Wales, Banfield felt inspired by his new surroundings and implements its features in his work. His background in construction and millwork provided him with insider knowledge of the construction process. To pay homage to the West Coast scenery and to limit the environmental impact construction causes, Banfield often works with reclaimed materials.

Banfield has collaborated with families from all walks of life. He and his team craft projects for all lifestyles and their expertise can accurately predict changes to the future of the family home. With their combined skillsets and experiences, they understand how to tailor deliverables to fit all the families who entrust Jamie Banfield Design Inc and its approach.

It starts with a complimentary consultation, dubbed a “Meet + Inspire,” where Banfield builds a rapport with clients to gain an understanding of their needs, inspirations, and lifestyle. With this knowledge in hand, Banfield provides the client with an in-depth scope-of-work and a fixedfee service package which outlines the detailed process from vision to completion to ensure the client is never blindsided by unanticipated fees.

Banfield and his team believe that a well-thought-out design should be approached with a creative and proactive process. Throughout the experience, maintaining communication and collaboration with clients and the build team is a priority. A unique combination of skill sets and experience provides the team with an understanding of all the different disciplines that go into crafting a home. As part of their dedication to sustainable and approachable design, a part of this education includes being certified passive house designers. From conceptual vision, throughout the design development process, to creating high-quality construction-ready drawings, they are mindful of all parties involved to ensure that the process runs smoothly and on budget.

Layered Sophistication

Layering natural stone, stained oak millwork, and organic handcrafted tiles coalesce with the underlining rejuvenating tones.

Elegantly Modern

Add a softer touch such as a curved radius faucet
mixed with soft, warm metals.

Timeless Touches

A moody colour palette matched with good lighting
creates an inviting space to revitalize.

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A home for the modern family: Combined sophistication and contemporary West Coast style that complements this young family’s personality.

Ahome crafted with a combination of sophistication and contemporary West Coast style that complements the young family who calls this space home. Merging function with creative design results in a bright, warm, and timeless new built home perfect for entertaining and the family’s everyday life.

Optimal West Coast style entails curated textures and seamless techniques to stimulate each of the five senses. The tactile sense, often neglected in other design styles, is given priority in West Coast style.

Elements such as the durable and organic materials used in the floor tile bring in a natural feel as you walk throughout the space. Layered details such as an oak vanity stained in a moody blueish-purple finish, and natural stone countertops with large veining create a timeless yet contemporary space throughout the principal bathroom.

The soft marbling pulls colours from throughout the bathroom—the dark blue calls to the stained cabinets and the distinct backsplash tile. Neutral cream in the backsplash plays with an ombre effect achieved by glazing each tile differently

Depth and Balance

An entertainer’s kitchen includes integrated appliances that are both professional-grade and aesthetically functional.

Classic Twist

Durable and timeless, this modern take on a classic checkerboard floor combines diagonal white and black porcelain tiles.

Classic inspiration with a unique contemporary interpretation adds intent and showcases a cohesive design fit for the modern family

West Coast style continues throughout the home, ensuring each room flows seamlessly into the other. Perfectly segmented by custom walnut millwork, the kitchen exudes a deliberate and near-symmetrical design for optimal balance. Fit for a chef ’s kitchen, the appliance selection features innovation and sophistication while still maintaining a family-centric design.

An integrated fridge and dishwasher combined with handle-less wall ovens keep the cabinetry façade seamless and clean. High-quality appliances maintain a sleek designer look with professional functionality that can be seamlessly integrated into a family kitchen. Every detail has been accounted for.

The knurled handle in the faucet adds more visual and tactile interest, and the direction of the cabinetry grain extends the space horizontally. Utilizing the same natural quartzite stone as the countertop seamlessly integrated into the backsplash in the hood fan effortlessly leads the eye upwards by keeping the whole back wall seamless and balanced.

A sophisticated family home incorporates similar materials and textures, so all spaces feel cohesive. Taking inspiration from the classic checkerboard floor allows for a uniquely modern interpretation that adds charm and personality to the mudroom. Playing with the pattern by combining two porcelain tiles placed on a unique angle adds visual interest while the continuous millwork from the kitchen keeps it united with the rest of the home.

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