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Alouette Bistro

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By Jim Gordon
and Leeta Liepins

On a weekend in late October, we decided to experience the south of France at Alouette Bistro. This charming restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and a cozy bar. The menu is extensive and we chose to sample the brunch platter known as “Le Grand Plat.”

This dish is chock full of authentic French fare, including croissants, brioche, baguettes, seasonal jam, honey, butter, crème fraiche, smoked salmon, seared tuna, poached eggs, fresh fruits, and nuts.

Chef Albert Tran Photo courtesy of Executive Table Group

Brunch platter known as “Le Grand Plat” Photo courtesy of Our City Tonight

Chef Albert Tran Photo courtesy of Executive Table Group While waiting for our food, and feeling in a rather celebratory French mood, we opted for a classic style but unique cocktail, the “Empress Club.” This fresh, citrus-forward cocktail consists of Empress Gin, raspberry, syrup, ginger lemon juice, and egg white.

We sampled a few other choices from their all-day menu that were recommended by Executive Chef Tran, including the Onion Tarte with leeks, raclette, fennel, and arugula salad and the Rainbow Trout Almondine served with green beans, baby peppers, radish, almonds, capers, brown butter sauce

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