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What you see is what you get: ONE PRICE

Why our pre-owned vehicle prices are fair and accurate, with no haggling required

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Story by  Larry Man

Forthe lastfive years, the Pre-Owned vehicle department at Brian Jessel BMW has had what we call a “one-price policy.” What this means is each of our pre-owned vehicles is priced fairly and accurately: each price is the result of hours of research into the vehicle’s true market value. Therefore, every price listed represents thatvehicle’s true and honest worth: no more, no less, and no haggling required. The reason we feel confident in our policy is that we buy and sell cars every day: we know exactly how to accurately assess a vehicle’s value. While the average consumer might buy a car once everythree to five years and think thatthey might know what a pre-owned vehicle for sale on the Internet is worth, pre-owned vehicles are our business. We take into account such variables as factory rebates, financing interest rates, and the release of new vehicle body styles

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and features; we assess each one of these factors when we assess a vehicle’s trade-in value, as well as kilometers driven, accidents incurred, overall vehicle condition and service history.

Ourpre-owned vehicle professionals are constantly researching the Internetand printpublications to assess our competitors’ retail pricing, so that when our cars are offered for sale they stand out as having the best price. While not everyvehicle we sell might be the lowest-price vehicle you can find, we are always certain ourvehicles have the lowest kilometres, are in better condition and are equipped with better options than others on the market.

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In keeping with our policy of best and most accurate pricing, we ensure we sell only highly reconditioned vehicles on our lot—vehicles that have received our shop safety inspections, certifications and any required work. In addition, ourvehicles are always detailed for wheel repairs, bumper scuffs, chips, dents, and even vinyl and leatherrepairs. All this means added value to any pre-owned vehicle you purchase with us. Yourtime is importantto us, and we refuse to waste itbypricing ourpre-owned vehicles inaccurately or by expecting you to haggle with us. If you find a vehicle of interest on our website, please feel free to visit, take it for an enjoyable test drive, or sit with one of our sales representatives and purchase it haggle-free. We promise you no games and no gimmicks, just straight-up purchase. Which leaves you free and on your way at the wheel of a shining, new pre-owned BMW. I look forward to seeing you at the dealership!

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