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By Jim Gordon
and Leeta Liepins

Sarahang Concert Gala

Brian Jessel BMW and the Brian Jessel Foundation proudly sponsored the Sarahang Entertainment Fundraiser Gala Dinner and Concert in collaboration with the Afghan community in Vancouver. The event aimed to nourish young minds and fuel kids’ meal plans in Vancouver’s elementary schools. The gala was attended by over 600 people and featured a performance by Afghan superstar Najim Navabi

Coast Mental Health’s Courage to Come Back Awards 2023

As proud sponsors, the Brian Jessel Foundation is honored to share in the mission of transforming lives and creating lasting change within the realm of mental health.

We illuminate the path to recovery and inspire communities to embrace empathy, erase stigma, and foster an inclusive environment where every individual feels seen, heard, and supported.


Brian Jessel BMW and Brian Jessel BMW Foundation, with the cooperation of HCI and Ertuğrul (The #1 Turkish actor), provided a North American tour to increase access to clean water in poor communities worldwide.

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