Classic Design Meets Exotic Opulence

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By Harris Van Inkwell Media

The mind sets the mood and the mood creates succes

Classic design meets exotic opulence. French cabriole legs and exquisite metal ormolu sporting an exuberant peacock feather surface. Displayed in “Love Happens Magazine” as one of the top 7 design trends in the 2020’s, this one being home office spaces

Living better, living richer, why not have a space all your own where you love to be, as opposed to the sterile, linoleum, reeking of Clorox spray and violated by the night cleaners. Then judged by your superiors as a place to be occupied, not enjoyed

Full-time, part-time, some of the time? Who isn’t working from home or has toyed with the idea with all its benefits, the best being an excuse to update an important part of your home. Setting aside a little nook, room or attic space for an office is now more than a luxury but a necessity

This home office design features the Exotic Ormolu desk by Koket grabs the olive green out of the more popular colors of the decade, others are burnt orange and rich yellows. These opulent-looking colors aren’t
limited to walls but find themselves living on the furniture, wall art, and even flooring.

Under a clear glass top, this Koket design boldly displays iridescent peacock feathers selected from a vast textile collection. Capped off with a high gloss black lacquer finish and gold-plated grass Ormolu Accents

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