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Chance Hurstfield

A star on the Rise

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Story by Joe Leary

It’s not uncommon for a kid to grow up dreaming of one day being an actor. However, it’s a lot less frequent for a kid to grow up acting while on the path to becoming an adult.

It’s miraculous

It’s miraculous to me how simply playing a character on television can strike so many chords within one’s heart. It’s one of the best parts of the job.

One such example is Chance Hurstfield. The Vancouver-born actor easily qualifies — already—as a showbiz veteran.

First appearing on screen at the age of four in the TV movie Innocent, appearances soon followed in a variety of projects, including “Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride” and the 2018 thriller, “Darc.”

In addition to his myriad on-screen work, Chance has also provided a number of voice roles, including Nickelodeon’s animated series, “Paw Patrol” and Netfl ix’s live-action film, “The Package,” which has accrued hundreds of millions of views and is going viral almost monthly.

He played Atticus in the film, “Good Boys”in 2019; voiced the final season of “Dinosaur Train” for PBS as well as voice work for “The Bravest Knight” and Disney Channel’s “Pup Academy.”In addition, Chance landed a major role alongside Mel Gibson in the feature film, “Fatman.”

That’s a pretty full resume for someone just 17 years of age.

As for what led him to find his North Star in the entertainment world?

“I don’t think I ever really thought about it, as I was only just learning to walk and talk when I did my first role at four,” says Chance.

“But I think because my dad is in entertainment and being around him at the studio and seeing his big events, it was pretty evident that I was going to be a part of the industry one way or another.”

Chance’s father is veteran song writer, music producer and former recording artist, Adam H, proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

He certainly has a lot of connections in the music and acting world but it was actually an agent that asked him if I wanted to do an audition. I went for it and got it and it was complete love.

“If I didn’t get that I don’t know that I’d be doing this today”.

The acting roles and voice gigs have come fast and furious for Hurstfi eld through the years.

Among the most notable, Chance landed a pivotal role that saw him traverse from young kid to young man on the ABC prime time drama, “A Million Little Things.” Over its fi veseason run from 2018-2023, the actor earned critical acclaim portraying Danny, the son of Jon and Delilah Dixon, who ultimately comes out as gay in the opening season of the series.

It was a vital character with a compelling story and one that proved beneficial to scores of viewers, themselves struggling with their own sexual identity.

One of the beautiful parts of my job is that every now and then, the opportunity to play a character that tells the story of many people out there comes along,” he says.”Danny was one of those characters.

One of the best parts of the show was that the writers and my co-stars were so talented that sometimes when you’d watch the show, you’d forget you’re watching a show and get lost in the stories that are these peoples’ lives. Many people find themselves able to resonate with what these characters are going through.

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I got a multitude of messages from teenagers my age telling me how Danny served as a role model for them, in allowing them to be more comfortable with who they are. Not only that, but adults messaged me, talking about how special it is for a character like Danny to be on TV.

They would always tell me that if they had a Danny to look up to when they were growing up, they would feel a lot less pressure to simply be who they are.

It’s miraculous to me how simply playing a character on television can strike so many chords within one’s heart. It’s one of the best parts of the job.

Predicting and following one’s path in the film industry can be difficult to navigate. But it’s best to have a game plan and see it forward.

Chance Hurstfield has one in mind.

Ideally, I’d love to be on that Leonardo DiCaprio trajectory and have a feature film or two under my belt by the age of 19, and start solidifying my name towards larger features,” he says of his “feature” future. He did “This Boy’s Life” and the offers started coming in after that.

It’s ambitious but I’m dead set on making it happen. But I’m also a really big Marvel fan and when I was five or six years old I’d walk around wearing superhero capes.

Now I realize watching these Marvel movies, they look pretty muscular. So I should probably start beefing up now because I want those offers within the next five or six years”.

While actors are known for often being under non-disclosure agreements and on hold for projects they cannot discuss, the young Hurstfi eld can provide a glimpse of the future.

There are definitely some things on the horizon that would lead me to believe there are some very good days ahead.”

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