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The holidays have come early as BMW unveils its latest gift: THE 2012 ALPINA B7

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Story by Charles Carvalho

What sets us apart? The quick answer: it’s our service. The long answer: It takes years of technical experience, perks to make repairs easier for you, a fully equipped café and lounge and spa-like pampering for your car. The result: competition that can’t come near us and loyal customers who can’t resist us.

As I sit in my office in Brian Jessel BMW’s Service Department, I can observe the buzz that takes place everyday. I watch our receptionists Melina Wong and Julia Lam, with their uncanny ability to coax a smile out of every customer that walks in the door. I listen to our drive-through staff as they greet clients, promising to care for their cars with extreme attention, and how our service advisors communicate to best understand the status of each vehicle. And I see how our valet drivers schedule their day for seamless pick-ups and drop-offs everytime. Much like the vehicles we work with, our Service Department is a well-oiled machine. You might ask, so what? Isn’t every retailer providing the same kind of service? What makes Brian Jessel BMW so different?

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To start, our Service Department boasts over 40 technicians trained at the BMW University in Whitby, Ont. We understand how important it is to employ technicians who are intimately involved with every technical aspect of your car. We encourage and guide them to achieve the highest level of training through BMW’s Master Technician program, which can take up to seven years to complete.

We understand that you have places to be and things to accomplish while we get to the serious work of servicing your car. To that end, we have a variety of options to take you on your way: one of over 100 BMW rentals, offered at no charge, is sure to transport you in style. There’s also our premium valet service, another no-charge perk that has one of our seven drivers pick up your car at your chosen location and exchange it with a BMW rental. When repairs on your car are complete, we simply deliver it back to you.

Or if you’d like someone else to take the wheel, our drivers can chauffer you home or to your office in the comfort of one of our premium BMW limousines, like our VIP 7 Series, until you’re ready to be picked up again. If it’s a quick repair you’re able to wait for, we’ll make you feel right at home. Have breakfast or lunch on us at our very own M café, where specialty coffee and entrées are freshly prepared.

Our newly renovated customer lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a little quiet time – along with an Ethical Bean coffee and Clever Cupcakes’ famously delicious mini treats. Or get a little work done in our business centre, where desktop computers and complimentary wireless service will keep you connected. And just before you drive away in your serviced BMW, a complimentary wash and vacuum is always included, always free once we’re done the work.

THE EXTRAS Everyone needs a little special attention and cars are no different. For a little vehicular pampering, our auto spa offers customized packages to keep your BMW in top shape. On your next booking with the BMW Auto Spa, just mention the magazine for a 20% discount on any package below in our extensive service menu (Offer expires February 1st, 2012).

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At the receiving end of all this superior service is you steady, unswerving patrons who never hesitate to tell us what you need and praise us when you get it. Here is just a sampling of some of words: “I’d like to congratulate Brian on his vision and the atmosphere he’s created in the showroom, service, parts and other areas. I was recently shopping for a non-BMW vehicle and what made me reconsider is the good feeling I get at Brian Jessel’s dealership.” – A. Emami

“I was very happy with the service, and in particular the young lady who did the paperwork when my vehicle was taken in. It was just after closing, and because it was a problem with my airbag, she insisted that I wait while she found me a replacement vehicle. I was very impressed by her genuine concern for my safety. Overall, I have found Brian Jessel’s service to be second to none. Keep up the good work and your commitment to excellent service.” – W. Thompson “I haven’t had very good service in past years years with another dealership, but am consistently satisfied by Brian Jessel’s service department.” – T. Mosure “My car was returned to me via valet,

which was a wonderful service. Wayne the valet was fabulous: polite, happy, pleasant and enjoyed his job – nice to see.” – E. Pringle Everyone has their own perceptions of what customer service should look like. Over the years, we have always made an effort to listen to and implement our clients’ suggestions for value-added features – this is what helps us deliver the service and experience you deserve. Thank you for your constant business. As always, we look forward to seeing you – and serving you – soon.


On a number of essential service points, we have the competition beat. Have a look:

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